a ruminating meditation...

31 August 2017 12:00 AM
I had trouble focusing for this sit.  I did a LOT of writing today, and meditating.  I went for a walk in the woods.  I also wrote in my blog, TRACKINGTHOREAU as to why I write about what I see in Nature.  I summed it up with "It's like breathing..."

And that's what I found myself thinking about, the stray thoughts, as I contemplated the Mandela, what I wrote, the poems I crafted, and what I saw in Nature.  I thought about how life is a series of moments.  We live in the NOW.  If we realize that, then the chance that we would live life to the fullest is enhanced because we are in the NOW.
To calm down, to stop thinking, I decided to talk my own advice - I focused on my breathing in this meditation.  I like that.  I have to remember to do that more, i.e., BE IN THE NOW, by paying attention to your breathing.  What better way to do so?
I don't like the music I'm listening to.  It is supposed to be regenerative, binaural beats, etc., but -- there's no beat.  I like the ones that resound with the clap clap clap of my heart, of the universe's step to the dance.
Life is a dance.  Oh what a cliché.  I've said it before....  but I like dance.  The problem is when you think too much about it.  
The other day I put on my headphones for my walk.  I had the PET SHOP BOYS on.  And as the beat started, I felt something SURGE IN ME.  
I had a voice, inside, say, "I'm back!"
Great walk.  :)