29 August 2017 12:00 AM
I used the Mandela today, and the music with the drum beat, heart beat, I practiced holding in my muscles, crossing my legs (I HAVE TO.) while I'm sitting on my chair - and I put my arms back at times - and doing all this I found myself dancing in my chair, I looked at two top yellow petals on the Mandela, to the left and right, and yes they look like hands extended, looking at them I saw a whirling dervish begin her spiral, how nice that there are WOMEN who pursue that sort of meditative sacrifice, [bringing the energy down to the earth, becoming a vessel of healing by the positioning of their arms], as well as men, the program I watched showed them moving slowly, and that was a relief, I always thought that they moved FAST, not at all, trick of the photographers, dirty buggers, and I couldn't help thinking about all the advice we've gotten throughout the years of how to relax, how to breathe and relax through a meditation, well, that can backfire folks, i.e., if you keep relaxing THAT much, your muscles might go to hell in a hand basket, which is why I am working on contractions, I guess that is the clenching of the fist before relaxing it, first part of the meditation, I actually saw a race car a red one, driving into the nucleus of the Mandela the flower, now THAT was fun, I think this was a successful meditation - it was funny though - I enjoyed the music, I enjoyed the practice, and it felt like I was drifting, going out there, but at the same time it felt like it was taking FOREVER ... is that a success? I think the answer is Yes and No.  Life is a practice, when will we get it right, never, that's what life is about always reaching for that STAR.