I tried something different today.

28 August 2017 12:00 AM
I'm listening to this music - Miracle Tones: 639 HZ- 741 HZ & 963 HZ Boost Your Energy Vibrations/Subconscious Healing (POWERFUL) - Well that's their claim, <giggle>, but I quite like this music.  
Usually what I do is select the meditation music on YouTube then go to the Mandela I picked out and then let the timer go. I WILL do seven minutes listening, looking, and working with my muscles as I try to be still. With my physical problems that is not possible, BUT I try to keep my fidgets to a minimum. My aim is to get my physical presence STRONGER – then the stillness will be STRONGER… ANYWAY, I started the music, but saw the visual accompaniment to the music was scenes from Nature. And I went “I want to gaze at NATURE.” So that is what I did. It was interesting. I was trying to practice letting go, and getting IN what I was seeing – on YouTube that is difficult, since there is the right side visual “ads” (for upcoming must-sees). However, I was able to pull it off, now and then. I liked it but I missed my Mandela.  I may try shifting – doing one one day – then one the other: Mandela one, YouTube “pictures” the next day. The music is great. Any music that has that steady drum beat is excellent for a meditation.  Makes your soul want to get up and boogie. I liked the visuals because it was bodies of water, no wait, let me see – bodies of water, then scenes of mountains, scenes of woods, lawns, this is the stuff I DREAM OF.  Yeah, I’m glad I tried doing something different, today.  Let’s mix it up, so to speak.