Ascending the stairs...

27 August 2017 12:00 AM

Do you ever have dreams of going up a stairs?  Well, I don't, but whenever I try for a meditation, or visualization, the stairs show up... I did a "finding your angel guide" group meditation, where a staircase was involved.  When I see stairs, I usually see old stairs, some firm, some rickety.  There is the spiraling stairway, with the polished railing, and thoughts of being a child and riding down that railing, did I ever do that, I may have tried once or twice, but I suspect, it was more, wishful thinking, and watching the folks in films weeeeeee down the spiral narrow wood...
I thought of stairs because lately, meditations have involved going UP, floating UP, seeing wings on me, feeling the flap of those wings as we take off across the sky, and in reading that, if anyone is reading this, can you see that I write this in order to FEEL IT?  
I am flying as I write.
Writing is a way of manifesting.
I have a picture of a spinning merkaba on my wall.  I've learned to focus on that geometric shape, to see myself in the middle of that shape and "imagine"....  it works.
My parents would say, when I was a kid, "oh it's just your imagination."  They said this disparaging.  It was not kind.  It was not respectful.
The thing is -- people don't get it.
Einstein GOT IT.
He said you can't create -- make new things -- WITHOUT IMAGINATION.
 So I imagine.  I create a new reality.
Just keep breathing, and feel that anchor.  Stay grounded.