Solar Eclipse Meditative Aftermath ... I think! :)

24 August 2017 12:00 AM

I went out for a walk today with my sister and brother - I walked myself into a lather - sweat, sweat, sweat, blinded by the light.  My ability to meditate today, is a bit off, because I am blinded by all the stimuli of SOCIETY...  but I saw birds flying on the water, Birds perched on the posts in the water, a boat taxi gliding by, a small sparrow rapidly walking across the boardwalk, an anxious mockingbird expressing his confusion, or displeasure as she/he flew up into the branches of the trees behind the bench my sister and I were sitting on.  I didn't realize how ISOLATED I have been, until today and how I'm slowly coming down from the high of Monday - I believe that a day of constant meditation, can only do GOOD, and if you allow yourself to "come to earth" without feeling the change this PAUSE created, well, you've cheated yourself.  
I feel numb.  Is it because I'm trying to ignore the problems my body is challenged with at this moment, or that it is actually being IRONED OUT.  I prefer the latter conjecture. HA.
I like being next to a river.  I wish I could end my days sitting on a bench next to a river, watching the strong muscle of that current.  The water was brown and deep -- and I emphatically saw/felt the MUSCLE.  
It was great.
When you come down from a high, don't lose the taste of the PAUSE.  
I seek to heal myself.  I seek to heal Nature.
May we all join hands in peace.