Trying to create physical "balance"...

23 August 2017 12:00 AM
With my using my opensit time to tone my muscles and tame my patience (and listening to some NIFTY meditative music on YOU TUBE), I realized that I sit in front of my computer, leaning against my left hip/thigh.  That's the part of me that has physical limitations.  I've been working on getting the kinks out of it, so to speak - I know that the muscle problem is part of that - BUT why am I leaning on it???  Am I focusing so much on getting rid of that particular pain that I am INCREASING THE PAIN, the problem?  I think so.  Today, I sat deliberately, on my right hip.  Then I crossed my right knee, placing my foot on my left thigh.  I'm going to keep working on this balance.  I've also noticed that if you have a pain in the left side, you might get an echo - a pain IN THE SAME AREA - on the other side of the body.  Interesting, eh?  Got to go for physical mental spiritual BALANCE.  It's all one.  Breathe deep.

I mowed the lawn this morning.  Then I clipped some twigs that I cut from an ill bush, last night.  I also trimmed the grass around the edges of the house.  We're broke, so I used a pair of scissors.  Yeah, I know, I wonder how ridiculous I look as I'm doing it - but I don't care.  It felt good doing these things - taking care of my physical SPACE ...  I also said hello to my feral brown tabby friend.  She comes and rolls her back on my driveway exposing her belly to me.  She wants to be scratched.  It's our daily ritual.  She comes for the affection more than the food (I'm leaving food at night.).   We both seem to need the contact.