Dreams and observing one's posture...

22 August 2017 12:00 AM

I normally keep a dream journal, but decided to change my format - I may create a meditation journal over at Google.  Subsequently, this morning, I have felt bereft, i.e., the one day that I decide to NOT write down my dream images, I had a SLEW of them -- I remember one distinctly.  A man in a shambles black tuxedo, too loose on him, frayed at the edges, his hair is black, almost his shoulders, again disheveled, I think he is wearing a white shirt under that suit jacket, but he is also wearing a vest - a sweater vest, either a cranberry red, or a distinctive blue [nothing pastel here].  I'm learning towards the red.  Again, it is unraveling, but not quite.  This person is good-natured, smiling, and he finds a park bench, which he leans down, grabs the edge and lies down on this bench.  The street is in the city, but this is an art-filled street, there are crafts here, I see the blue sky in-between the building tops, as I look at the street which goes off towards the horizon, reaching a point (if you drew, or took photographs, you'd know what I'm talking about).  I like this street, and this man.  
Okay, the other thing, I noticed as I contemplated the Mandela and worked on strengthening my lower muscles is that I lean towards the left when I sit, and my left hip is messed up.  Why do I deliberately hurt myself like that?  Realizing this, I practiced being balanced in my "sitting."  I may do another meditation today, later on.  (Last night, I participated in an online group meditation - 11 p.m. to 1 a.m.   In other words, I'm still a bit ... dazed?  :)