Mind Over Matter

19 August 2017 12:00 AM
There was a creative thinker, in the past - Tesla - who believed that through understanding the principle of ENERGY - FREQUENCY - VIBRATION we can change the world.
I believe this to be true.  It is a sound hypothesis.
Another way you could say it, is a cliche, but it somewhat fits "MIND OVER MATTER."
I'm doing this meditation for seven minutes each day.  Then I take seven minutes to write down my reaction/thoughts.  
I decided today to start changing what is happening with me, physically.
Can it work?
Put it this way -  CAN'T HURT.
So I sat up straight, and I pulled my stomach muscles IN..  I'm crossing one leg over the other.  When I can get to the point where I can be in that chair and cross BOTH those legs, well, wouldn't that be something?
Mostly, though, I want to condition my muscles - specifically those muscles in my lower extremities.
If I do this seven minutes a day, while contemplating the Mandela AND listening to the music, well --  CAN'T HURT.
Again, I saw the black ink behind the Mandela.  That really cracks me up that I'm seeing that, i.e., revealing what's behind curtain #1.  
I also did this meditation in the morning.  I think I want to start doing this more, well as often as I can.  I'm a TV junkie, and I think taking some of the time I use up, watching Television would for meditating, is ideal.  
I hate the concept of "killing time."  Whoever came up with that Idiom is an IDIOT.
Fight TO LIVE EACH MOMENT.  Be aware!