15 August 2017 12:00 AM

A flower blossoming, petals unfolding is like a fist unclenching, opening the palm of your hand extending your fingertips upwards skyward, shall we dance, make romance, the music of the buds, the cha-cha of the birds in the branches, hopping along the twigs, the branch sways underneath the weight of that small bird, the re-naming of that soul, oh wow, I'm spiraling all over the place, the words are being snatched in the air from my drifting off into the clouds of my trance, the vapors evaporating into the thin air, the bird sang at my funeral, blue jay moves along the branch looking in at me, cocks his head to the side, I miss that little fellow, sunlight above the trees, the green pine needles are veiled in a shadow, the intent of their discipline, stand up straight and breathe, hold your breath in, your stomach in, I will not allow the earth to turn without me, the mockingbird is hopping through the grass, raising his wings up in the air, the shrug of a confident little creature he is a vital bird, the squirrel sat up tall, like a Buddha in the grass, hey that fits, a Buddha of sunlight, the laughing Buddha the squirrel leaps through the cut blades, and scampers up the archway, the gate, wind chimes fluctuate in the breeze and the little brown wrens are fluttering from branch to branch trying to escape my notice, breathe in, and smell the mold, the rich dirt, it has been raining, and a worm struggles to submerge into the wet dirt, turning the soil over, the blueberry branch bends in the rain, will the rabbit grab a nibble this time around?

(I listened to DMT SPIRITUAL ACTIVITY ACTIVATION FREQUENCY ON YOU TUBE.  Doesn't that sound intense?  It is is a good meditation, but I'm still going to contemplate that LOVELY MANDELA OF MINE! :)