So Much Can Happen In a Moment...

13 August 2017 12:00 AM


Have you ever had a thought, and felt it plummet to the depths of the pond?  My thoughts are visual, and lately, that has intensified (I've worked on that!).  And during this meditation I felt myself go into a kitchen, a white kitchen, the stove was small, and I could see the black burners, it was a small contraption, almost like a tall box, and the wall was white too.  This was almost a sigh of relief.   Ha, why did I just say that?  Anyway -- part of the visualizing involved my bundling some brown clothes, jackets, underneath my left arm.  That was interesting, "holding" those things.  First off, why?  I was in that church, I know that.

I think meditation involves, well learning to let go, a mental effort to RELEASE.  And I am endeavoring to let go of the pain.  This makes sense, you know.  Humans DO this.  We need to go back to the basics, to even learn how to sit in a way that is healthy and helpful, to focus on our breathing, on the ONE thought.  Go within. Breathe.  Holding my arms up, muscles in, interesting that I am drifting off trying to write this, the sunlight is nice today, and the air cool.  I like that.  Today was supposed to be the first day of contemplation.  This is a month, so they say, of great change.  I'm willing to listen!