09 August 2017 12:00 AM

I just sent a story to my cousin about some old baseball game[s] memories, hence the title.  The mood of the fans, ah could meditation cultivate that frenzy, frenetic HIGH.  I almost forgot to sit today.  I've been ill.  Even when I remembered, I was hesitant.  I mean ILL, headache, hard to see because of this headache... but, meditation is my aim, achieving an ultimate breakthrough, my game, m goal, break on through to the other side.  I am listening to DMT Spiritual Activation ... You Tube again.  I recommend You Tube for good meditative music.  Not all meditations need to be calm and peaceful; at least I don't think so.  I understand the aim to reduce stress, anxiety, pain; meditation takes you to a level of peace.  However, what about the focus, the needle on the vinyl, the scratching of the record, i.e., we want to produce, wanna take me HIGHER.  The Mandela again, immediately lost color.  I again saw the black drawing, the lines behind the illustration.  Those two reactions intrigue me.  I didn't expect that.  I like listening to this music, and looking outside, at the wind manipulating the leaves of the trees across the street, hard to do when most of the trees are pine branches, when meditation makes you go to sleep is that really good, they say yes, but when I'm sitting at the computer?  I don't want to drift off, wanna take me HIGHER.