Mandela Meditation and Akashic Records Meditation ... #7

08 August 2017 12:00 AM
I did a group meditation earlier today, online, for an hour.  However, I still wanted to do this Mandela Meditation, contemplating my Mandela while listening to an Akashic Records Meditation Music (from You Tube).  I feel that this Meditation is good for me.  However, the images from the hour group meditation did bleed over into this Mandela Meditation.  And I guess that is to be expected.  What I find interesting about this meditation is the fact that I keep seeing the black ink drawing behind the Mandela.  It keeps wanting to peek out and go HI.  HA.  And I saw a face in the nucleus, a little gremlin, smiling crooked.  HA, again.  That's cool.  It's such a pretty design.  I love sitting here, contemplating it. What I saw beyond the Mandela was a body of water - blue water, and a pier, a wall, running alongside that body of water - this was probably an old wharf.  The town where this wall and body of water is was started in the 1600s, and I know they were a seaport when the USA was first "created".  I find it interesting, looking at an historic place - if you look at it, and then "meditate", let your mind go, you can see the traces of the prior lives that walked those streets.  Well, at least, I can, well I did with this meditation.  I like that when life melds like that.  BE HERE NOW.  The past is here, in the present.  The future is here, in the present.  It is all NOW.  I see a white door frame.  The glass in the door is quite clean.  The sunlight makes everything outside, almost sparkle.  I like this garden.  BE HERE NOW.  Life is filled with symbols.  We humans like our metaphors.  Don't believe it?  Go to a church service - attend a spiritual ritual.  CRAMMED FILLED with symbols.  I like to find my symbols in Nature.  The Microcosm reflects the Macrocosm.