Mandela Meditation ... #6

07 August 2017 12:00 AM

Slick Will staggered, placing his hand against the wall, this is an empty room, the walls off-white, and a dull green, a hall, is this a conference room or the rectory, more a place, where they set up the chairs for after service coffee, tea, and crumpets, the Mandela PULSATED, I saw it skip, that blew my mind, walking down the hall, through the rings of focus black and white spiral, she is taken for her money, where did that come from, the flower becomes me, bending my face towards the sun, how strange that I keep fluctuating in and out of this, oh now I remember, the one part where the middle of the Mandela, I ended up with the women, doing the beadwork for these patches, sitting next to the hedgerow, the dust rising, a hacienda behind the tall trees, a rope tied to the branch, I think this is a swing set , we are in the wild west, New Mexico, the cave dwellers, she doesn't listen to me at all.  I like the aspect of the beading, and the hedge behind my back, I am a flower with many petals, raising my head towards the sky, I hope you are enjoying this breathe deep. the flower spreads it's arms wide, deep breath I don't know where to go, stay near the hedges doing the bead work, the colors are striking, and I hear the wind in the trees, a jack rabbit hopes behind the bushes, the thistle is his haven.