Mandela Meditation ... #4 -- PAY DIRT

05 August 2017 12:00 AM

I listened to the following meditation on You Tube - ☯Access the Akashic Records Meditation FAST! Meditation ...  It's one of the videos that Spiritual Zen...  puts out...
Okay, this is DEFINITELY the RIGHT MUSIC for this meditation.  When I think Akashic Records I think LIBRARY, and that has always been an image that has stuck with me for years, long before I heard the term "Akashic" Records.
What I saw first was black writing/drawing on white paper.  It was odd - like this lettering wanted to come OUT from behind this colorful beautiful Mandela.  I stared into the eye of the Mandela, the center, and it kept trying to turn into a road, first the aisle between the library shelves, then a road through the countryside, this kept fluctuating back and forth.  I saw, in my mind's eye these photographs/drawing - they kept trying to be the REAL thing, but I kept going back to the non-real, i.e., drawings/photographs -- I saw a green gate, the road beyond the gate, I am standing at the edge of this farm, now THIS IS REAL, and the road that leads out from this farm leads to the road, i.e., the gate, the path, the bordering land (tall grass, Queen Anne’s lace, butterflies), and then the road - okay a bit of photo in that description but that gate is real.  Then the image becomes a memory image, an old race track, now a path at a park and a horse leaves the gate, to run the track - it's like two images merging into one.  Maybe the gate was there before they turned it into the park -- then I went back to the library image, ended up sitting on the floor with a pile of books, it was like I was the middle of the Mandela and the books were my petals, okay, this is a good entry, wish they could all be like this.  Definitely going to keep working with this Meditative Music, at least for a little while!