Mandela Meditation ... #3

04 August 2017 2:31 PM


Wow this was a strange sit.  I'm using You Tube Meditation Music.  This time I used DMT Spiritual Activation... Spiritual Zen Network, blah, blah.  I listened to the music and stared into the eye of the Mandela.  I really have learned to LOVE this Mandela.  With this music, I felt like I fell into the middle of the flower.  I had grumbling thoughts as well.  If nothing else, I think these deliberate sits is going to clear the halls of my inner thoughts.  I know I've been angry about a few things, so, I'm not surprised by the grumble grumble.  Again, like torn up pieces of paper being incinerated by the fire, soot gathering.  I do feel peaceful thought, right now trying to write about it.  (I'm still listening to the music as I write.)  Do I think the music is a distraction?  No, it helps me focus.  Using the Mandela, the seven minutes, and the music is very good.  I'm being distracted right now, because I keep getting these Facebook messages.  I think meditating clears the halls so that you can get other work done.  This is what I think as of this moment.  What I will be thinking a week from now may be different.  Conclusion - this is useful.  I am serene.  Lord, do I sound like a cliché?  Ha.  YES.  But I like this... I'll keep going.