Mandela Meditation... #2

03 August 2017 3:14 PM

I think I have to write this down, that I want to sit and contemplate this Mandela for seven minutes each day, because I almost forgot to do this today.  The heat, et al, is getting to me, and so many well-meaning intentions, get lost in the stream of thought universal stream of conscious/subconscious thought.  Maybe if I printed out this Mandela and put it on the wall, hey, that's the ticket!  I am listening to a Pineal Gland ... meditation on You Tube.  It is a good sound.  And as I looked at the Mandela, I was besieged by stinking thinking, i.e., some things had gotten to me recently.  I practiced seeing my hand clenching, and then unclenching; letting these thoughts go, like scraps of paper in the air.  I think this Mandela is beadwork.  Looks like a stylized flower unfolding, hey, the fist, the open hand letting go, I want to stay quiet in life.  I don't want stupidity to get the best of me.  Doing this meditation is a good thing.  At least I am able to recognize what is going on with me - and yes, my body did some OUCHING as I sat.  I think I'm better at meditating when I walk, stand, and/or move, i.e., mindful breathing, mindful walking.  However, I definitely want to try this SITTING! :) Okay, I sat for 7 minutes, and now I wrote for 7 minutes.  Namaste.