Poems from a beach

09 July 2017 10:12 PM
The Elements of Life

Earth, fire, water
The air we are breathed by

Tears and doubts
Fear and loathing
Arise, linger, shift, fade
To return when conditions next arise

Numb no more
A privilege to feel
The exquisite pain
Of living

Allowing, it seems, creates
Space for the opposites
Interleaved not poles apart.

Vulnerabilities and insecurities
Acknowledged not buried
Become a vital ingredient
Creating the colours, texture and taste
Of the bubbling stew
That is our own unique life

Heartbreak, sorrow
Unbounded joy
A thing of beauty, this life.

As one

Rise and fall
Ebb and flow
The tide and I
Move together


The healing power of water

Hair wet
Breathing slowed
World expanded

Joy mounting
Grin speading
Whoop errupting.


Pop goes the bladderwrack
Under the crutch
As I clamber away from the sea 


about 1 year ago
Thanks :)
Kokai (Sarah)
about 1 year ago