130 minute meditation journal

13 May 2017 11:20 AM
Had to stop being stubborn about my injured knee and sit on a chair today. Last night's sitting showed me that it wasn't up to a lot of sitting on a cushion today. Had to get over the fact that I prefer the cushion and the timekeeper / bellringer role being more tricky from a chair. The chair is, or course, fine.

Lots of energy, gathering in my feet from the start and then circulating all over. First sit was mainly about allowing this, getting out of the way to just let things play out as they must. The second sit saw a huge wave of appreciation for my fellow sitters, collectively and individually, knowing some of what they are dealing with in life and really respecting them devoting their time and energy to practice. Resisted a temptation to get up mid-sit to tell them all this and give them a hug of appreciation :) Also love and appreciation for those who have worked to provide the opportunity for us to sit and practice together. Doing all I can to help with this feels automatic. The third sit saw some seemingly random thinking from which the phrases "stepping forward and taking responsibility" stuck in my head and repeated over and over again.