210 minute meditation journal

08 May 2017 8:24 PM
Sky gazing. Heart encompassing directionless skies. Mercurial phenomena settling down... settling down...settling down...


210 Mins ? I admire your commitment.
Corey Workman
about 1 year ago
Thanks! Commitment is a funny thing really. I personally had more trouble with both starting consistently and sitting for longer periods when setting a predetermined amount of time. It seemed to really compound my obstacles before and during a session. I eventually realized that, for whatever reason, if I just started an open-ended session without any thought to time, that for me commitment seemed to actualize on its own. With that I would consistently sit longer and with a kind of zeal that carried me to more easily begin subsequent sessions.

There can be something kind of special with longer sits. Sometimes, longer sits can bring to the surface a lot of things that can be potentially masked with shorter sits (in my experience at least), and being with and working through those things can, in some cases, be particularly challenging and illuminating. While other times one can settle into a stable rhythm, the time flies by, and everything becomes gloriously wholesome.

about 1 year ago