10 minute meditation journal

19 April 2017 4:33 AM
10 minutes of loving kindness and tonglen before going to work.
I need to do more loving kindness and tonglen. They are deeply healing. And in a way they are more difficult for me than the mindfulness practice. Mindfulness of the breath can be formalized and followed algorithmically, more over the intention created during the mindfulness practice is more neutral. I need to take the loving kindness practice way more seriously than what I am doing right now.

I feel more clarity after doing loving kindness meditation. 


Sometimes what feels difficult for us is what we need to be doing, what addresses our areas of pain or numbness. But diving into your areas of difficulty can be tough. Be gentle with yourself while doing so. That way you are more likely to be able to stick with it.
Kokai (Sarah)
about 1 year ago