30 minute meditation journal

18 April 2017 5:03 AM
30 minutes of sitting breath meditation in the morning. Not bad concentration.

My preparation notes:

Review your reasons for meditating, your motivation and purpose.
I have lot's of unhelpful, harmful mental habits, meditation somehow reduces them, it has a general calming effect. It also helps me to identify them better and work with my mental states in a better way.

Decide what you hope to accomplish in this meditation session.What is a reasonable goal for today’s practice in terms of your progress up to now?
Keep the intention alive.
Be with the breath through the whole cycle.

Remind yourself to be satisfied with whatever you do accomplish.
The mind is the mind, it is like a jungle that all kinds of animals live in it. It is like an old house, that even after days you find new things in it. The mind can surprise you, don't be surprised about it. Be kind to yourself.

Prepare yourself for the difficulties and distractions you are most likely to encounter. What may go wrong?
Weak intention.

What went wrong?
Every time that sth insightful and interesting arose, I quickly tried to make a sentence for it in my meditation journal.
I forgot my goal for this session, for the next sessions I should test myself if I actually remember my goals. Or may be I should make a single goal.
Lot's of not so long mind wanderings.

What went right?
The debt analogy from the previous time was really helpful in straighting the intention, however in a not joyful way. May be I should go with healing.
I am getting more familiar with my mind. I can predict it better.
I appreciated the moments of mindfulness.
The mind wanderings didn't become too long.
In the end of the session I got the idea that this practice, at least in the stage that I am currently in is not about knowing more, it is about being in a certain way. That was really helpful.
Lot's of the practice is about cleansing our intention.

Thanks God.