20 minute meditation journal

17 April 2017 9:20 PM
20 minutes of sitting breath meditation. No sleepiness, good concentration.

My preparation notes:

Review your reasons for meditating, your motivation and purpose.
You are like someone in debt, it is really like debt, and the practice is like a beautiful way to pay back,you need to practice. Don't forget the danger and practice.

Decide what you hope to accomplish in this meditation session.What is a reasonable goal for today’s practice in terms of your progress up to now?
Keep the intention alive.
Remind yourself to be satisfied with whatever you do accomplish.
Expect things going wrong. Be kind to yourself. This is just how things are. Go through and use the ways of the world, the ways of the mind. Don't shout at the world.

Prepare yourself for the difficulties and distractions you are most likely to encounter. What may go wrong?
Mental images. Sleepiness.Weak intention.

What went wrong?
Thinking about writing my meditation journal.

What went right?
Good concentration on the breath.
A few times I counted from one to ten. Then I understood that the point is to appreciate the end of each breath. I tried to appreciate the end of the breath without counting, it was helpful.
Tried to stay with the breath through it's whole cycle.
I became better in predicting my mind. It is really helpful I should write a separate entry about it.

Thank God :)