70 minute meditation journal

14 April 2017 8:10 AM
Sitting on the last morning of retreat. I would have loved the retreat to have gone on for longer, especially since I joined it late. Ended as always with a huge smile, vast appreciation for my teachers, love for my sangha and have already put my name down for 3 more retreats. Feeding my retreat addiction :)

Practice seems to have shifted over the last days in a new direction. Interesting and I guess what makes this stay alive and fresh over a lifetime


Welcome back! It seems it has been a good retreat.  
How are your injuries?
about 1 year ago
Thanks! ;) To me retreats are always good. Not all pleasant or easy but then sitting isn't necessarily so as we know. That solid amount of time does allow shifts to take place though and is really worthwhile. If I had to choose between daily sitting and ocassional but more intensive retreats I'd opt for the daily sitting as to me that is essential, but the retreats are a very welcome opportunity to dive deeper into practice.

My shoulder is almost back to normal. One knee is a bit sore but then I have been sitting heavily with an injury so that is to be expected. Face is multi-coloured but almost face shaped again with a lot less swelling. I'll know more when the stitches come out.
I almost forget what it looks like then went to the supermarket on my return to get some food in and noticed people staring and then swerving me so it is clearly still quite obvious! I think I must look quite scary.
Kokai (Sarah)
about 1 year ago