120 minute meditation journal

10 April 2017 6:45 AM
Allowed home overnight and to get my spare glasses. Very nice to be able to see again :)

Some blocks of sitting during the evening and an hour sit this morning before heading back to the hospital. From time to time I have a lot of spontaneous movement while sitting and this morning was one of those times. I've learned to trust it; it's always helpful. Today it was a bit like having an personal chiropractor as my body moved naturally without deliberate direction and then settled back into a better alignment, like a resetting from yesterday's jolt.

I smile and grin a lot when I sit, usually the moment I hit the cushion. This is still the case only with my face taped up it is like a mini-battle between the natural smiling and the tape and swelling which is stopping my cheek and eye from moving naturally. This then seemed so comic that I started laughing which didn't help! :D