80 minute meditation journal

04 April 2017 1:18 PM
10+70 mins of kind awareness of the body.

Gil Fronsdal says appriciate your thoughts but love your body.He says body has it's own way of processing feelings.

It started at work, I was over stressed so I  tried to  concentrate on my breath but it was difficult, then I noted that physical sensations of the  stress on my head are quite vivid and my attention naturally wants to focus on them, so I became mindful of them and after a sequence of ups and downs I became much much calmer. This was a phenomenal experience. 

Then at night I was preparing for my samata session  that a lot of stressful and angry emotions arose. This time I had no special sensations in my head but I had a tightness on my lower back of my torso. So I tried to keep that in mind, that part little by little became more relaxed but center of the tension moved up to the middle of my spine. I was cold at first but then it became warm and started to send warmness to other parts of the left side of my body. There were vivid sensations around the heard. They were somehow hot and sharp. I felt bitter. Some thoughts became clear to me, I talked with them and asked them "suppose you are unhappy about something, why should you be so bitter?"

Then things go little by little more unwound.

Thanks God.


Sounds like a really helpful sit. Not easy though!
Kokai (Sarah)
about 1 year ago
about 1 year ago