10 minute meditation journal

03 April 2017 5:39 AM
10 minutes lying breath meditation.
A considerable amount of stress, not easy, but who said purification is going to be easy!
I should handle myself compassionately :)


You should indeed! Easier said than done though perhaps, especially if it is self-hatred you are surfacing! But you are right, build in some time to rest and recuperate. For me that meant time spent outdoors in nature. What works for you? And keep eating healthily - it can be physically draining too.
Kokai (Sarah)
about 1 year ago
When it gets too strong I just sit with it and focus on the breath. And exactly as you said it is physically draining.
I have to work late today, but I go to a park nearby if I find sometime.
I really appreciate any advice and suggestions.
Thanks a lot.
about 1 year ago