20 minute meditation journal

18 March 2017 12:54 AM
Anapanasati. Great concentration for the first ten minutes, good concentration for the next five and average concentration during the last 5.

I was able to stay with the breath for the whole sit without losing focus on it for more than one or two seconds; this was my objective as I'm currently interested in practicing on positively reinforcing those moments when I notice I drifted away from the breath.

During the first ten minutes when I was the most concentrated, I started feeling the spaciousness that I've often described before and that I so much like, but since my purpose was clear, I stayed with the breath instead of moving my focus to that pleasurable feeling. Secretly I hoped to be able to feel it again at will after the twenty minutes passed but I couldn't.

I had just exercised and taken a hot shower so my body was very relaxed.