Intense Feelings

13 March 2017 9:37 PM
1- I got new insights about suffering today. I think suffering has an element of care-less-ness to it. 

2- I experienced an intense mental state this evening. I think it was like stress. My mind couldn't work, I couldn't think, my attention was tired. I just laid back and there was about an hour of turmoil in my head. I just laid back and reminded my self that it is self created, it is caused by attachment. I also did a little tonglen. After some time this idea came up: "I am a filthy person, I am like shit". Then things started to change. Little by little I stared to feel better. And then I felt more confident. In a good way. I felt much better. It seemed something has got a little untangled. 
I felt so grateful. I thanked God.

3- Going through these intense feelings make me tired and hungry!