What has happened these days...

13 March 2017 10:37 AM
So I started march 7th when I was so stressed, depressed, and unhappy. I meditated and things got better pretty quickly. In fact I recovered reasonably in 2 or 3 days.
I felt much more energy in myself, I felt even too energetic. Then some uncomfortable things started to come up. In fact the last few days I spent considerable time dealing with intense emotions. It was not that easy. Today I found out that some of the bad things that I thought they were gone are still there. This is ridiculous but I was feeling pretty much enlightened :))). It is ridiculous but it is necessary to be honest. I am a little sad/disillusioned today. It is kind of bitter sweet!

Good news is that I am feeling I get overwhelmed considerably less times.

1  I come to conclusions too fast!
2  I see in anger a quality of an angry insane person, have you ever seen mad people walking talking angrily to themselves? Something like that.
3 Whenever I feel dis-eased I some how see it is just how my mind deals with it, but is not necessary to do it that way. There is not much inherent to it.
4 I feel my mind is like a big table, anything is just a part of it.
5 If you want to stop a bad behavior just note that it is not useful, it is no good!
6 I feel I have more time

It is pretty much it.