50 minute meditation journal

08 March 2017 7:50 AM
A very helpful sit. Like a clearing up of lots of little bits of stuff. Left smiling as usual.


Did you change your name?
12 months ago
More switching to using my real names.

This was how I explained it the day I switched.

"I've changed my name on here. Bluemoon was a name picked on a whim when I first joined the site about 3 years ago. At the time meditation felt very strange and new to me and it seemed sensible to use a pseudonym while I explored that and the inevitable changes that all my sudden sitting meant for my ideas of who I was and how I should lead my life. It feels like time now to use real names. Kokai is my dharma name which I got when I took the precepts some time back and Sarah is my regular name. Both names feel more real and honest than 'Bluemoon' ever did".
Kokai (Sarah)
12 months ago