30 minute meditation journal

12 February 2017 11:59 PM
A very sleepy sit after a long day, much of which felt like meditation. Other bits were more about friendship and a lot of laughter.

A day spent out walking in snow being very aware of everything around me. Moments of appreciating tiny aspects of beauty in a bigger beautiful setting. So much so that I was on the verge of tears of joy and love much of the time. On the moors patching of crunchy snow that crackled underfoot. Then as the snow continued to fall, making us all look a bit like snowmen, the squeaky scrunch of the fresh snow as it compacted underfoot. The times on the moor top when the whistling wind in our ears drowned out the sound of the snow. The beautiful crisp, soft freshness of it all. In the valley raindrops balanced on a birch tree as the snow started to melt. The pathwide puddles. The masses of slippery mud. The soggy freshness of it all. All a delight.

Then a car breakdown. A repair van followed by a tow truck and then eventually getting home, many hours after expected but after a lot of laughing and teasing with friends. Hence feeling really drowsy but happy during this sit.