Evening sit. Had to first remove the cat who had quickly sat on my zabuton. Outpouring of emotions for a while, rising over and over from my heart, flowing through me. It felt like a huge relief for it to be expressed. Then became sleepy and felt some resistance to sitting for a while till it pa ...
about 11 hours ago 2 2
Sit with sangha friends. Painful knot in my heart. Struggled with really painful tears and resistance till I (in thought) placed a hand onto my heart with compassion and then it softened. Then I did some metta practise.
about 17 hours ago 2
Morning 'sit'. Lying down though rather than sitting. I experience a lot of things as energy movements/ bodily sensations and sometimes it is easier/more effective to feel into those lying down rather than in a traditional sitting posture. My head gets in the way less somehow. Today there was a ...
about 22 hours ago 2
Three short sits (5, 5, and 15 minutes) as part of a beginners session at the zendo
1 day ago 1
2nd sit. Yesterday at work I had this feeling of calm and spaciousness which lasted quite a while, despite a difficult job pending. I’m beginning to feel this more and more lately.
2 days ago 2 4
Morning sit. Sitting with both peace and anxiety. As usual the small struggle to turn towards the anxiety and accept it.
2 days ago 2
Evening sit. Started off sleepily - it was late after work, household stuff and decorating - but then more awake. Either way it doesn't seem to matter too much because for the last few days energy stuff has continued outside sitting. There is little thinking and a lot of just allowing energy to ...
2 days ago 2 1
A second sit. Anxious. Continuation of this morning I guess. Established a sort of safe place in EMDR therapy yesterday which I need to practice so I figured I would do it on the mat. It feels very similar to meditation 🧘‍♀️. And being with this shut door in me that I am not used to and find qu ...
3 days ago 2 2
Morning sit. Still boundaries and anger. The other person’s anger is over and now I find that although I am not angry as such I have shut the door. I had planned on opening it, as I always do, but it is refusing to budge! Some soothing energy stuff to counteract all the disquiet that this produces.
3 days ago 2