a bog te jebo kad ne udari biciklistu zbog konja
about 23 hours ago
Was hard waking up to sit. But I knew I wanted to and that I should so finally got up and had a nice sitting. Was able to find my breath and keep attention there without wandering a great deal. Those thoughts still have a way of weaving themselves into my mind.
1 day ago 1
Standing in the arched doorway, the roof is
 gone, the trees overhead seem to unit in their attempt to shield me from the
 elements, leaves float down into the room, and later send those messages
 scurrying through the door and open windows, this is a home past tense, and
 would ...
1 day ago
30 minutes of samatha. Working with a busy mind. I was somehow debating somebody else about 3 hours ago and I am still agitated. I thought about looking at meditation like a game. It is played between I and the mind. The mind is trying to trick me not to focus on the meditation object. It has ...
1 day ago 3
Vipassana morning and night/ More connected with my bodily sensations
2 days ago
Didn't focus on my breath too much, too many thoughts dancing around. Practiced the gentle return when I found myself lost in another train of thought.
2 days ago 2
Morning sit. Zazen. Just sitting, was more like just thinking. A lot on my mind at the moment, couldn't seem to stem the flow.
2 days ago 3 1
This is really nice music, and the video
 picture (YouTube) is a purple candle burning... I find it hard to tear myself
 away from that vision... BUT 
 full write ahead!!!! 
 When the candle flickers what do you see, do you see angels
 dancing on the head of the pin, d ...
3 days ago
Was hard to get into sitting but I am glad I sat and felt I could have gone for 15 more minutes but decided only to meditate for 30 mins due to the time and wanting to get to bed soon.
3 days ago 1