I plan on going on a 3 day vision quest with a friend. Where we don't communicate with words. We fast and meditate we bring just a knife for building shelter and a pot for getting clean water. We will draw a circle around each one of ourselves about 12 feet diameter. We will stay inside our circ ...
11 days ago 3 3
Morning zendo sit. Not thinking about work but just allowing thoughts to come and go. In their wake was a new clarity about work tasks, approach and focus. Much more wisdom when I'm not thinking than when I am :)
about 8 hours ago
Sitting with sangha. In our service after the sitting we laid incense for those affected by the Manchester bombing. So sad. So much heartbreak but among it so many acts of instinctive, selfless kindness. Important to remember that as well as the violence. I think.
about 20 hours ago 1
Morning sit. Very pleased to be able to get back to work, slowly, patiently, taking my time.
1 day ago
I am very happy to have found this platform!
georgestam added a diary.
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Sitting before bed. Noticed today my changing relationship with pain. I can be stubborn and just overrule pain - I have done in the past - but now I seem to be treating it as a friend, wiser than me and able to remind me when I really need to listen to it and not further damage my body. Should ...
1 day ago
I feel like there is no 'turning back' now. Meditation will be a part of my life. The secretiveness of it in the past is no more. If I meet someone, it will be a part of me still. Insight this week. I worked on a "Acceptance and letting go' guided meditation. Lots of attachments to wh ...
2 days ago 1
Sitting with a fever. Got out of bed, sat and then straight back into bed for the rest of the day. Sitting seems to be the one part of my daily routine I never skip. Despite the less than ideal conditions it was actually a very useful sit - saw a pattern from my past which it looks like I have ...
2 days ago 1 2
Sitting before bed, feeling a bit groggy and with more than a few aches and pains.
3 days ago
As I followed one of the guided meditation, my mind wandered off into other goals, what my last movie was about and it went on jumping from one topic to another as soon as I tried to redirect my thoughts to my breathing. As images of lips and eyes faded in and out. This was my first meditation a ...
4 days ago 2 1
Sitting with zendo in the morning and then some short sits with some beginners as part of an intro session later in the day
5 days ago
Had trouble finding something to focus on. Was trying to do warm compassion ball meditation like yesterday. Then went with a new embracing/pursuing negative feelings thing I've been practicing lately and experienced a bunch of self-disgust, but just dove right into it and finally felt able to le ...
5 days ago 1
Sitting before bed. Have had to give up commuting by bike and turn to the buses. Bus commuting time seems to get co-opted as extra meditation time. In the past (years ago) when I used the buses I would fill every moment with books or puzzles or work. Now it is ok to just sit there. So, so much ...
6 days ago 1
Tried to just focus on a warm, safe feeling of nothing else mattering. Have tried similar in the past. Feels like going deep inside and touching a ball of light, kinda alternating between that and just savoring/feeling a safe feeling of warmth in my chest. I guess "compassion meditation.&q ...
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