Well, this may not count as a formal meditation session but had some meditative quality. I wanted to meditate more today but one of my OCD grips came about and kept me busy for 3-4 hours. In this 3-4 hours, 75% of the time was spent avoiding the OCD grip. But at last I decided to sit with it, ...
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about 3 hours ago 2
15 minutes of guided loving kindness meditation (here) . Rather strong shocks, recurring thoughts of "I am no good", "I am not worthy of love".
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Anapanasati, body scan. Good concentration although not very relaxed. I was supposed to go for 25 minutes but stopped 3 minutes short because of pressure in my head as if I was trying to hard to concentrate.
about 10 hours ago 2
This morning I sat for 10 minutes, before reaching for my phone. I felt that I had better focus during this sit. When I finished, I felt that I was hypersensitive to the light in the room and I really appreciated the peace and quiet. I like starting my days by setting intentions, especially when ...
about 12 hours ago 2
Zendo sit. This morning the koan expanded to include everything, all moments in time and space.
about 17 hours ago 1
Focused on the breath for 20 minutes. I have started going to a meditation session once a week at a local buddhist centre so that I can hopefully find some support, and to talk to others who are meditating and some who have been doing it for many years. I notice that my mind jumps all over th ...
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Did the usual anapanasati and then moved into body scanning.
about 18 hours ago 1
Morning sit before going to work. Tried to be aware of the focus of my attention as well as breath sensations.
about 20 hours ago 2
WEDNESDAY AM MEDITATION, 33 mins- Sip and Om Guided Meditation using a mudra to create a mini moment of stillness---Yoga with Adriene Balanced March Calendar Day 29, 21 mins
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Sitting with sangha. Sitting has got really still at the moment. Still but still intense in a different way. The koan that has been working with me for a while and has been immensely helpful is no longer triggering resistance or surfacing 'stuff' that I need to deal with. Instead sitting feels l ...
1 day ago 2
Why do I meditate? Mind is like quick sand, and lots of bad things are on the horizon, I should save myself. I want to save myself, the coming weeks may turn out to be quite tough, I should be ready, meditation helps me to stay calmer. It helps me not to be ruled by my emotions. I need more lovi ...
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15 minutes of lying breath meditation 10 minutes of sitting breath meditation. Finally sitting! 30 minutes of guided lying body scan. Very soon I felt sleepy so I opened my eyes. A funny thing was that when ever I had mental images in my consciousness, my eyelids where dropping! Once involuntari ...
1 day ago 1
Started my day with a fight in my head. I got so nervous. I did a guided body scan for 10 minutes. After that I felt somehow calmer. I felt in the last few days I was just trying to push unpleasantness out of my life, even the slightest ones. Then I told myself why so serious? Why am I fight ...
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