Lamrim Day Sixteen - Wishing Love Difficult sit, as my 12 year old let the dog outside, then ignored it barking for 20 minutes. And of course every time I was just about to get up and deal with it, the dog would quiet down. :)
about 15 hours ago 1
Another sit. Very unfocus, down and falling asleep. Stopped 5 min early and went to bed.
about 19 hours ago 4 2
Morning practice. Rawness still pervades. At one point the words of the heart sutra ran through my head verrrrrry slooooowly, stopping with words left hanging various times.
about 23 hours ago 3
Morning sit. First ten minutes rather unfocused as my little boy had woken up and sat on my lap, asking questions like: ˋwhat is the big buddha holding? Are buddhas not allowed to be comfortable? Did buddhas live after the dinosaurs.... ´😂 But still felt part of the sit and also made me smile. T ...
about 24 hours ago 2 4
Evening practice - included tonight a spell of standing meditation by an open window in high winds overlooking the city. Everything felt so close and immediate it was almost painful in its rawness. Tonight words appearing occasionally as if answers to some questions only the questions themselves ...
1 day ago 2
Lamrim Day Fifteen - Taking Nice sit, but then again, this sit almost always is.
1 day ago 3
Evening sit. Getting ready for 3 days of Mahayana training in the mountains this week.
2 days ago 2
Lamrim Day Fourteen - Great Compassion A bit scatterbrained during this sit.
3 days ago 2