Lamrim Day One - Our Precious Human Life Nice sit, the only disruption being ducks and geese landing on the pond I was sitting next to, which I don't consider a disruption at all. It's funny, when I hear them make noise, I note it ("Sound, sound"), but I always feel my mood lighten a ...
20 days ago 2
Evening sit. Too tired and too much happening at the moment
21 days ago 2 1
I did a guided mindfulness meditation for 10 minutes and I could feel this strange feeling. I always feel it when I meditate. When I close my eyes, I feel, my spiritual body (I could not find a better word) is not properly aligned with the physical one. I try to move a little to feel where I sho ...
21 days ago 3 5
Lamrim Day Twenty-One - Relying on a Spiritual Guide HOT sit, even in the shade. Other than that, nice sit.
21 days ago 3
Morning sit. Another sit curled up on my mat allowing the waves of fear that were passing through my chest. It was strangely okay, perhaps because I was not resisting them or judging them. I remember writing about thinking they were ending, and wanting them to end. They are no longer constant, b ...
22 days ago 2
Such a strange sit. But I have a feeling it might prove to have been strangely helpful not just strange.
22 days ago 4 2
Evening sit. Feeling very stuck... And also nervous and unprepared for the jukai. A sit with very little space. Am not enjoying this feeling of being enclosed in my emotions. Can feel all sorts of clinging and fear and things that I can see are not helping. Wishing I had a little more wisdom!
22 days ago 4 5
Lamrim Day Twenty - Superior Seeing I love meditating on emptiness. I once found a meditation (Six Element practice) that I absolutely loved because it really encourages the methodical, logical look at ourselves which, when combined with my knowledge of quantum physics, puts me in a place wher ...
22 days ago 1