Incessant thoughts,too overwhelming
19 days ago 1
Morning sit. An odd feeling today, it was like my mind sighed and relaxed.
19 days ago 2 2
Evening sit, well lie. I slipped on an icy pavement on my way to work and sitting is temporarily not an option!
19 days ago 4 2
Morning sit. still off balance after a difficult talk. But also had a very nurturing conversation with my inner child. Revisiting lots of dark places from my childhood with new eyes and more understanding and acceptance. Feels like work in progress.
20 days ago 1 1
Evening sit. Off balance and angry.
20 days ago 1
Although the body always feels tired,my mind are quite alert these days.When I tried noticing the ocean of sound,it felt vivid and slightly disturbed by fantasies.
21 days ago 2