Afternoon sit. Asking for help to let go... Feeling this very unhealthy clinging with all of my being and no sign of it growing any less. Stopped feeling discouraged.
22 days ago 1
Attention to Breathing A later sit than usual, and I didn't expect it to be a good one because it was at the end of a road trip, and I was very tired, but the sit went really well anyway.
22 days ago 2
Spread over a day. Lots coming up and settling spurred by a talk I went to yesterday and some very old notes I looked through later as part of clearing up ready for a move. Lots of letting go of ways I've tried so hard over the years to limit myself, to keep myself and my actions small.
22 days ago 4
Another morning sit. Feeling suddenly empty, sad, morbid, and intermittently fighting and surrendering to it.
22 days ago 1 1
Attention to Breathing Morning sit, which usually doesn't work out very well, but this one did. I was probably more alert than I would have been otherwise (this was right before a road trip), and that might have helped.
23 days ago 2
Morning sit. No sitting with the sangha today as I am alone with the kids. Still processing a meeting with someone I have not been able to see for a long time. Oscillating between joy and sorrow. So many waves just from a couple of hours in time.
23 days ago 1 2