i find that it's a bit easier for me to sit for thirty minutes now, since shaktipat. it's also easier for me to keep my mind on mantra and to return to it when i slip off......i can't say anything "happened" today. i'm sitting straighter, i'm more calm. i feel like a novice at this gre ...
19 days ago 2 1
Morning sit. Once again facing abd befriending one of my old shadows leaves more space for love of life.
20 days ago 4
Extra 'sitting', pretty intense, while off work with a mega migraine day. Always more intense when there is nowhere I can do, no way to distract myself. Really, really helpful though even though I wouldn't have chosen to do it if I could have avoided it. Deeply confronting and making friends wit ...
20 days ago 3 2
Meditation on Emptiness Outdoor sit, wonderful weather. Mid-70's, just a bit of drizzle. Very nice.
20 days ago 3