Park sitting. I actually intended to sit inside but changed my mind on a whim. I have developed the cold/temperature/aching joint bug that my daughter has had for the past couple of weeks and had spent the day in bed but got up to sit intending to then have some tea. Just before that I'd found ...
19 days ago 2
Evening sit. Concentration on my breath and awareness of thoughts, especially those where I am trying to judge myself from the point of view of others. Those thoughts are very sneaky. They appear mostly as.uncomfortable feelings, rather than conscious thoughts but they are also ongoing...
19 days ago 3
20 minutes of metta I also did some samatha but didn't time it
20 days ago 3
Attention to Thought Much better sit than yesterday. I've found that I can go a while waiting for a thought to come along, but if I don't maintain at least some attention to my breath, I feel unanchored and instead of thoughts coming at me cleanly, everything feels fuzzy and chaotic. That, in t ...
21 days ago 3