sound listening and mountain meditation
13 days ago 3
Mindfulness of Breathing Very nice, calming sit. Had pockets of very deep concentration.
13 days ago 2
Evening sit. Sitting with my inner child who was and is still feeling overwhelmed by outside pressure to be other than I am, the trapped feeling of being cornered and having no clue of who I am, what I want and no space to be, to find out. I want to move out of this cage.
13 days ago 3 2
Mindfulness of Breathing Still at home sick, but a better sit.
14 days ago 2 1
Evening sit. Too tired to make it to the zendo but still needed the sitting time. More inner child work. Going back to some defining moments in time when an event or some words someone important said, cristallised a belief or hurtful pattern. I have known which moments these were for decades and ...
14 days ago 3 1
Yay!! I managed to sit upright in the zendo by using a very narrow kneeling bench in an odd way so that my backside hangs off the back. Not comfortable but manageable and it means that I don't have to give up sitting with the sangha until I can sit down (estimated to be 6 weeks away). Very happy ...
14 days ago 3 2