Evening sit. Difficult. Feeling low and vulnerable and I am right in the middle of the feelings instead of looking at them with a little distance.
12 days ago 1
I started meditation as one of my New Years Resolutions. I was always interested in yoga and that really helped with my flexibility and a little control over my anxiety. Now that I am almost 9 months pregnant, yoga hasn't exactly been the easiest thing, so I've switched to seated guided meditati ...
12 days ago 3 2
Mindfulness of Breathing Back to my normal, non-holiday schedule. Nice sit in the sun while in the park. Very calming.
13 days ago 2
Morning sit. Sitting with some old emotions as last night. This particular bout of sitting doesn't feel done. Back to it tonight after work.
13 days ago 3
Morning sit. Still sitting with my shadow sides. I recognise a child who feels jealousy because she feels love and happiness are scarse. Her feelings need to be cared for and she needs to be loved, to love herself. Also see how vital it is that I show unwavering love to my kids when they are ang ...
13 days ago 1 2
Evening sit. Bowing practice and letting things go. Until I got stuck in a particular sorrow and hurt. Being with all that I cannot let go of yet.
13 days ago 1
Morning sit. Metta to my shame, fear, inability to receive love, and also to my joy when I see good in me, when I am brave, when I can receive love.
14 days ago 1
Morning sit. Last night I found myself pulling a koan book from my bookcase, opening it at random and reading one koan. One particular throwaway line from that koan got a physical reaction, shown as a sort of tension spot. I found that line in my head and body when I woke and sat with that. Some ...
14 days ago 3