Lamrim Day Ten - Equalizing Self and Others So-so sit, hard to focus early on.
11 days ago 3
Another sit. Started to calm down slightly after this sit. I needed time to feel stuff and cry.
11 days ago 2 1
Another sit. Going through a difficult emotional time. It is bringing up quite a lot of old stuff too. Some self-loathing, lots of despair. Felt a little more peaceful after allowing and noticing everything and crying.
12 days ago 3 2
Dharmakaya The guided meditations connected with dismantling the self imposed limits in space had profound effect on me and gave rise to several insights into nature of reality itself.
 The unpleasant side effects reported in my journal during the past 6 months or so, are directly conn ...
Antero added a diary.
12 days ago
Lamrim Day Nine - Remembering the Kindness of Living Beings Decent sit, which is kind of surprising since our household is waiting on some potentially important medical news. Basically, a worrisome situation going on, but during the sit I felt fairly in control and didn't drift more than normal.
12 days ago 3 6
Strange sitting again. At the moment sitting seems to be preceded or followed by a sort of dancing which seems to have something to do with integration and really highlighting any areas of blockage which seem to be the physical manifestation of old stuck emotions or redundant thought patterns. ...
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