Mindfulness of Breath Disjointed sit, which is usual when my plans get changed at the last minute. I did settle in right towards the end. I noticed afterwards that I am showing signs of progress in this regard: In the past, I could go the entire length of a sit without really finding any focu ...
8 days ago 3
4 X 30 minute lying down sits. Home today with a temperature and migraine so more time. The last little bit was feeling an old wish to be 'just like everyone else'. Seeing where this stemmed from (being 5, sad and feeling isolated and thinking that everyone was happier) it disappeared. Really I' ...
8 days ago 4
Mindfulness of Breathing Outdoor sit, different park, pretty good results.
9 days ago 3
Morning sit. Still sitting with how I deal pressure. In a bit of an emotional ⛈. Feeling it and waiting for it all to calm down so that I can see more clearly. Another sit 10 minutes later, setting some intentions.
9 days ago 1
Evening sit. Sitting with how I deal with conflict and outside pressure and fight it. I felt that I crumble but my therapist disagreed, she said it feels like I am fighting for my life. Staying with all these questions and situations in stillness.
9 days ago 1 1
Mindfulness of Breathing Indoor sit while working from home. Nice sit. Metta again very impactful.
10 days ago 2