15 minutes early in the evening before heading out with friends for a sea swim. I knew I'd be back late and thought sitting early would avoid me going to bed too late. It didn't work out like that as I felt a need to sit anyway for another 30 minutes later. Something bubbling up but I had to go ...
11 days ago 1
Lamrim Day Two - Death & Impermanence Indoor sit. I'm always surprised that I don't have much of an emotional reaction to meditating on the fact that one day I will die, even if that day might be today. The most I can feel is a faint feeling of an adrenaline-rush, which I guess is fear-rela ...
12 days ago 2
Lamrim Day One - Our Precious Human Life Nice sit, although it was interrupted by... SPRINKLERS! Ah, the joys of sitting in a public park. Luckily, I caught the sound of the sprinklers just before I got soaked. Just moved to a tree about 20 yards away.
13 days ago 1
Lamrim Day Twenty-One - Relying on a Spiritual Guide Outdoor sit in the park with Canadian Geese surrounding me. For some reason, I like having animals around when I sit. Canadian Geese can be noisy, but they weren't today. One of them set up shop about 3 feet behind me, and from time to time I ...
14 days ago 3
morning sit. strange sit all about being present in my skin, fully inhabiting it.
14 days ago 4 1
Lamrim Day Twenty - Superior Seeing Another very nice sit. I really like the meditations towards the end of the Lamrim cycle.
14 days ago 2