Lamrim Day Twelve - The Advantages of Cherishing Others Great outdoor sit (we've had a "cold" snap), even after my 9 year old wandered up midway through and shouted "BOO!!" :)
9 days ago 3 1
Morning sit with the sangha. Started with metta for everybody there, to really connect with everybody in my heart. This really helped. Was feeling very scared and very happy. Sat with this and it was all a bit of a blur. Did not feel myself disappear at all after during the jukai, and neither co ...
9 days ago 3 2
The normal Saturday morning zazenkai only today followed by a jukai ceremony for Rosie and another sangha friend. I love jukai ceremonies, always very moving.
9 days ago 3
Morning sit. A few hours before my jukai, needing to sit with a lot of fear and swirling feelings. Sometimes went right into the places in my body where the tension was, like my shoulders, my heart. This felt somehow comforting. And then back out again, into the excited feelings I had as well.
10 days ago 2 1
Lamrim Day Eleven - The Disadvantages of Self-Cherishing Very nice sit. Tranquil throughout. I did notice something I've noticed frequently for a while now: My brain is having fun playing with words. For instance, as I get into my sit, I say a few prayers designed to get myself in the right ...
10 days ago 3 2
Morning sit. Distracted, conflicted, and also being with the memory or feeling of letting myself disappear into the background rather than have a real presence.
11 days ago 3 13