30 minutues evening sit - at the start my mind was full of plans, by the end my mind was so sleepy it was porous and open to anything. Woke suddenly with a mind of sitting during the night as sometimes happens after a sit like that. At first I just wanted to go back to sleep but ended up with ...
6 days ago 4
Lamrim Day Eleven - The Disadvantages of Self-Cherishing Indoor sit, and fairly focused given that we had received some semi-bad news in the morning.
7 days ago 2 3
I have been, in & out of meditation for last 2 years. Suffering from anxiety & depression makes meditation difficult. Medication & counselling has surely helped me get out of deep bout of depression & anxious thoughts. But I m confused about right type of meditation practice to b ...
7 days ago 2 4
morning sit. More meditation on the heart sutra, more meditation with my kanzeon statue and saying metta to some people for whom I have difficult emotions, including myself, and all my anguishes and painful feelings. It sounds perhaps crazy but it is really working for me, which is why I am doin ...
7 days ago
Lamrim Day Ten - Equalizing Self and Others very nice outdoor sit, very calm and focused
8 days ago 1
two sits, 30+15(tonight). Sat outside and extended metta to my cannibalistic hen; I am learning acceptance from her too... Another meditation on the heart sutra. Stopped at ˋform is exactly emptiness, emptiness exactly form´ because I could feel the connectedness and boundlessness of everything ...
8 days ago 3 2
Morning sit. Taking care of things. That seems to be a theme at the moment
8 days ago 3
Evening sit with sangha. Very unusual sense of peace underneath the usual turmoils. Both comforting and okay irritating because I wanted to feel the peace without the other stuff... Distracted by being too hot and back achey at some point, and found saying the heart sutra (of which I could only ...
8 days ago 2 1
Lamrim Day Nine - Remembering the Kindness of Living Beings Very pleasant sit with honking geese as the soundtrack. (It was funny: I could hear two geese communicating with each other from across the park. One would call, the other would answer, then it would repeat 20-30 seconds later. So I co ...
9 days ago 3