Morning sit. Looking at how I behave when other people try to control me, which has been an ongoing situation throughout my life. I have two different patterns of behaviour, neither of which work very well for me and during this sit I worked out some different strategies for different situations ...
3 days ago 2
Sit with sangha friends. Lots of grief again. It was good to cry and let it out.
4 days ago 2
Morning sit. Could not focus because of abdominal pain... Cannot do that being one with the pain thing that you do Sarah!! 😂
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Evening sit. Difficult day. Lots of grief and also some anger. The anger I find more tricky, because it always immediately gets guilt attached to it: I believe I have no right to be angry. But somehow accepting it is there and feeling it is, without any words or action is the only thing that fee ...
4 days ago 1
Mindfulness of Breathing Turned 50(!) today, and between that, the kids' celebration festivities, and a sick dog, it was a bit hard to focus.
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Sitting with sanga - two sits oddly perched with my backside hanging off a stool, one on a special coccyx cushion on a chair because I'd lost circulation in my legs. The chair was a mistake - only 10 minutes before I found myself squirming. I'm clearly not well enough healed for that yet.
5 days ago 3
Beautiful.. blissful.. surreal.. flow If one could describe a perfect Saturday morning, that would be it. We sat among the lush green nature of MacRitchie Reservoir and were greeted by the cool breeze. As we meditated, the feel of the wind makes me mindful of the sensations of my body.. hel ...
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Morning sit. Still sitting with this song in my head!! Revisiting some memories that I once boxed off completely so that if ever I accidentally stumbled across them I became overwhelmed. Letting myself feel the feelings, joy, closeness, sadness. Good to feel. It is like starting to unwind.
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