Mindfulness of Breathing Nice sit, outdoors, a bit cold. Focus was lacking in places, but a decent sit.
about 17 hours ago
Morning practice - my reaction to anger, as a child, a younger adult and also how I might respond to anger in the future. None of this was thought based but more like letting physically stored reactions work through.
about 21 hours ago 3
Evening sit. Felt very stressed earlier and tried to work out why. A mismatch between being myself and a lot of internalised shoulds, many of them contradictory that I carry, with a lot of fears and judgements associated with this mismatch. If I look into myself, I can find a feeling of being ce ...
1 day ago 3
60+30+30+60 tough sitting / 5mins with Andrea who sits for the first time
1 day ago 2
Mindfulness of Breathing Sat with my breathing until sadness kicked in (see yesterday's post), and then I'd sit with that until it dissipated and go back to my breath.
1 day ago
15+15+30+10 Continuation of something that began to surface in last night's sitting. Making space for it as best I can.
2 days ago 4
Morning sit. More inner child work. Back to my time at school when my best friend and I were being bullied and after four years, the kids who were bullying us decided to stop and let us join them. My friend did, and I could not. I found her decision really hard, even though she did what was best ...
2 days ago 2
Strive to regain mindfulness.An Inner feeling of agitation manifested. My face squirmed, mustles around the eyes twisting and trembling. Nearly twenty minutes elapsed and the stress started to relieve, with resurgence from time to time. To experience anxiety lively, after all, is better than ind ...
3 days ago 2 1
We had to put the family dog down this morning, which was hard on everyone. Plus, that dog was closest to me, so I felt his sudden absence very keenly. Rather than do a normal meditation, I just sat with my sadness. Also, this time last year I decided that I would stop making excuses for not ...
3 days ago 2 3