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I sit, why sit? I sit because it's important to me. Sitting helps me to find peace in my mind. I sit to celebrate myself, my life, family, friends and the entire universe 🙏🏽
FAR sat for 30 minutes
about 7 hours ago
I did Bikram yoga today from 6-7:15. I have to remember how connected I feel when I do my practice. Sitting with clients and healing others is my passion and when I treat myself like my client my energy expands. I am looking forward to creating more moments for myself and connecting in an even d ...
about 17 hours ago
In the past I pushed away so many thoughts and emotions. In recent years I’ve had periods of sitting with the backlogs of these emotions, including fear, anger, masses of sadness and huge bundles of joy. Some have obviously been more pleasant to sit with than others but all have been helpful to ...
about 22 hours ago 2 2
Morning sit. MOB only got thoughts under control near the end.
1 day ago 1
Acupressure is an interesting Asian treatment
 for bodily ailments, where the healer presses a finger against a pressure
 point. I think the concept is that we are a network of electrical
 impulses, and there are certain "connections" throughout our physical
 bodies. ...
1 day ago
having the best session ever when the phone rang. Ignored it and didn’t lose concentration or peace. Then the mobile rang, thinking it might be urgent abandoned the med. my niece, personal stuff. Glad i stopped to help her. Still, very happy with the progress.
1 day ago 1
35 minutes morning sit. Quick 10 minute sit after a day of running errands. 60 minutes evening sit; it's interesting what kinds of sensations occur during the longer sittings.
1 day ago 1
Sitting with memories of old pains I think. No mental memories or stories for now. They will appear in time probably. Enough for now to open into the feelings.
2 days ago
It's September 20th, day of the new moon.
 This Friday is the Autumn Equinox, September 22nd, Mabon. 
 Mabon is a nice word. Say it out loud. There is a
 tone inherent in the sound - Ma-bon. 
 I played my drum this afternoon, for my seven minutes (Seven
 minutes, the numbe ...
2 days ago
Sitting - and bowing again. Towards the end there was a sense of 'something difficult' coming up but not yet what it is.
2 days ago
30 minutes morning sit, nice concentration. 25 minutes, pretty intense. 25 minutes after dinner. 25 minutes before bed.
3 days ago 1 1
Sat for 15 minutes. Focused on letting thoughts go gently and returning to focus. Day one of 21 days of morning meditation. :)
3 days ago 1
Morning sit - felt like asking another unasked question and finding an answer which had been there all along.
3 days ago
Morning sit. M.O.B. Back to work so lots of thoughts. Calmed down after a while.
3 days ago
I sat for 15 minutes. It was a little late. Approaching midnight. Occasionally I was beginning to drift off but tried to bring my attention back to my breathe. Feel refreshed after. Discovered that I was leaning too forward in previous sits to facilitate proper full breathing. Really felt my d ...
3 days ago 1 1
If you open a book, what do you hope to find? 
 Sleepy-time tea? 
 Words to live by? 
 Akashic Records, the library of the mind. 
 There are so MANY different rationalizations for what they
 actually are... 
 I really don ...
3 days ago