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During the working day had noticed brief moments of sadness coming up, only lasted moments each time before being replaced by a calm happiness. Quite a lot of laughter too. No laughter at home however and my calm approach isn't going down too well. So expected a sad sit. What I got instead immed ...
37 minutes ago 1
Hey folks It’s been a while since the last update! Summer was busy, but as the nights grow shorter and colder I am looking to spend more time adding new functionality and features. As you might have noticed, your journals have been updated and refreshed. You’ll now find more geeky stats around ...
OpenSit added a diary.
about 3 hours ago 3 1
Daily practice. Sun in Libra 27° 11'. Moon in Virgo 20° 23'. Preliminary stretching Kali bija mantra, 1 x 108 Tara bija mantra, 1 x 108 Maha Lakshmi mantra, 1 x 108 Niwan breathing, 30 mins Vipassana (corpse pose) ,15 min MO, 45 mins Corpse pose Hatha yoga / body work / vision Lots of kriyas, ...
about 8 hours ago 1
Evening practice. MO Only some lightweight vipassana with MO. Could feel Torpor but did not go too deeply into it. Sit length felt about right, though there were occasional arising thinking about sit length.
about 18 hours ago 1
Issues about home were there gently in the background but what came up clearly in this sit and following it was thoughts and emotions about practice - my attitudes, approach, beliefs and in particular how willing or not I am to be open about this with others. I often meditate in public places an ...
about 18 hours ago 3 2
Today was difficult again. Work has made me feel very anxious, social anxiety resurfaced today. I sat for 20 minutes when I got home, and focus was difficult to maintain. Nodding off at points, and to try to let go of thoughts seemed like a difficult chore. But, everything must change. Tomo ...
about 18 hours ago 2 1
Made the daft mistake of checking emails before this morning's sit, thus offering mind tasty morsels to feed upon. Never mind, the 30 mins went by really quickly. Some concentration, bit sleepy though.
about 19 hours ago 3 1
Not a pleasant sit at all. Spent today out walking with two others. Had underestimated how tired I was after last night so walking felt like a slog at first rather than the usual effortless joy. The day then seemed to turn into an informal counselling session. Whilst it was probably helpful to ...
1 day ago 2
Daily practice. Sun in Libra 26° 14'. Moon in Virgo 8° 54' Preliminary stretching Kali bija mantra Tara bija mantra Maha Lakshmi mantra 90° breathing (neigong), 30mins -- Break, electrolytes Vipassana (corpse pose), 15 mins MO, 45 mins Corpse Pose -- ??!?? Hatha yoga / body work / vision Late ...
1 day ago 1 4
It's nice that this was completed today. It felt good, it hurt. I spaced out, tuned in. Just working with it as it comes.
1 day ago 3
Evening practice. MO. Again, it did not feel like 45 minutes,though there were thoughts that arose as a kind of a faint pride that it was happen. I think part of it was the exercises for opening up the hips that @Bluemoon posted had helped a lot. The seat was a lot calmer. Didn't quite reach ...
1 day ago 1 1
Mind everywhere as usual but I finish the sit with a smile on my face and feeling happy, so I must be doing something right.
1 day ago 3 2
Woke to a feeling of sadness and tiredness which lifted as soon as I sat down. Before started zazen briefly explored what was there to make sure that just sitting didn't turn into 'just blocking out'. Nothing new. Then spacious zazen accompanied by just a few gentle kriyas. At one point noticed ...
1 day ago 2
I trapped my finger in the bedroom door really hard. My instant reaction was to grimace and shake my hand. I couple of moments later I noted the habitual reaction; and that it wasn't linked to a mind thinking "that hurt me." Emptiness stayed in place, no emotional reaction to the pain at the end ...
2 days ago 2 2
Had intended to sit in vipassana for 45 minutes and then read but that will teach me not to have expectations. Instead 'sat' in two parts each about an hour long with some sleep in between.Kriyas started the instant I sat down without even giving me a moment of stillness to set an intention in. ...
2 days ago 2 2
Started with wuffzen but the mind of wisdom was very manifest so enjoyed it. The dog stopped in the street (no-one else there) and wouldn't move. As if he was joining in. Whilst standing in the autumn dark night it occurred to me that night and day are in empty of inherent existence (they can' ...
2 days ago 2
Daily practice. Sun in Libra 25° 15'. Moon in Leo 27° 22'. Preliminary stretching Kali bija mantra Tara bija manra Maha Lakshmi mantra 90° breathing (+ vipassana), 30 mins Vipassana (corpse pose), 15 mins MO, 45 mins Vipassana (corpse pose) Hatha yoga / body work / vision Late night. Stayed la ...
2 days ago 1
Zen group 3 x 30 minute sits plus kinhin Sit one – Seemed to be about giving my mind and body to the zazen. Felt good to be there. The energy left over from last night was ‘well behaved’ and contented itself with adjusting my posture which ‘I’ hadn’t even noticed I needed to do. Much bette ...
3 days ago 3
Took Pratimoksha Vows Formally went for refuge Generated Bodhichitta. Made mental offerings to the Buddhas (including offering my practice) Developed regret for past actions. Rejoiced in the virtues of all. Developed wish for meditation and dharma teachings to continue to appear. Wish for other ...
3 days ago 1
The mind is perfect by nature - clear, boundless and filled with subtle bliss. Why are you then trying to meditate like you could improve it with your own skills? There is nothing else to do except to recognize the view that has always been right under your nose, like an elephant at arms lenght ...
Antero added a diary.
3 days ago 5 2
Evening practice. MO I was really tired, didn't really want to practice. Mixed up some electrolyte powder with hot water, warmed up a bit and went to practice. MO quickly went into the "Does ignoring this satisfy?" As pain kept coming up, I would ask that. At some point, I decided that it mus ...
3 days ago 4
Daily practice. Sun in Libra 24° 10'. Moon in Leo 14° 22'. Preliminary stretching Kali bija mantra 1 x 108 Tara bija mantra 1 x 108 Maha Lakshmi mantra 1 x 108 Just sitting in gratitude MO, 45 mins Vipassana (corpse pose)~?? VIpassana (sitting) ~?? Body work / hatha yoga / vision Dedication Dr ...
3 days ago 2 5
10 minutes zazen in a park between meetings and the office. Thought I felt ok at the start but as soon as I stopped to sit all sorts of not so nice thoughts came up. But very soon this just faded into the calm. Back in office with calm but also a mischievous sense of humour. Luckily the peopl ...
3 days ago 2 3
After working in the office productively until locking up time (no sloth tonight - doing real overdue work and not just reading posts on here :-)), cycled home and then decided to start doing some overdue sorting and tidying at home. I think I’ve finally reached the point I did with my desk at ...
4 days ago 4
Took Pratimoksha Vows Formally went for refuge Generated Bodhichitta. Made mental offerings to the Buddhas (including offering my practice) Developed regret for past actions. Rejoiced in the virtues of all - particularly mindfulness therapy teachers (seems to be how spirituality is being embra ...
4 days ago 3 4
Mind everywhere, kept on sneaking looks at the timer, must put it out of reach.
4 days ago 1 4