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I was really feeling the heat and humidity press down on me, as I walked the hills this morning. Repressed love resurfaced during my nature trek, and I feel it is now time to accept it, embrace it, and release it.
about 8 hours ago 2
Part seated and part lying down. Allowing emotions ( old ones) to come and go.
about 22 hours ago
3pm~60min Breath Awareness at 2100ft elevation Decided to challenge myself to running up a mountain here in Alaska. I followed that challenge up with my first 1hr meditation. Beautiful experience!
about 22 hours ago 3 2
Late start, but better late than never. I did my walking meditation this morning in a cemetery by my house. My home subdivision is actually surrounded by 5 cemeteries, an abandoned rock quarry, a very long creek, and lush wooded hills. As I walked the paths laid out among the tombstones and m ...
1 day ago 1
A quick sit before heading off on a long bike ride.
1 day ago 1
First short sit. I intend to complete several sittings throughout the day.
2 days ago 2 3
Sitting with a huge amount of love. An unspecific love. It definitely encompasses but is not limited to those around me, life, practice, just being all also wrapped up in an almost overwhelming sensation.
2 days ago 2
For whatever reason today, I've just been carrying a slightly frustrated energy within my body-mind. I think it all started with the morning chores and then errands not going so smoothly. So, when I got back home, I decided to sit. Settling into myself and focusing first on the rhythm of my brea ...
2 days ago 2
Morning sit. It had been a long time since I sat for this long. Felt deeply calm but sleepy near the end. A lot of thoughts about friends emerged during this sit.
2 days ago 2
Breath awareness 1 hour 7 minutes; breath awareness & being 1 hour 8 minutes. It was challenging but really really good. It's great to have a meditation challenge with my sister. We both did an awesome job today :)
2 days ago 5 2
Took to the hills early this morning for some quiet time and deep awareness through walking meditation. I could feel my sense of self start to diffuse into the surroundings. Early morning bird calls, light breezes, the impending heat of the coming summer's day, dappled sunshine, rabbits, deer, s ...
2 days ago 4
Breath awareness in the park. Two elderly women giggling with joy, a man listening to opera. Great atmosphere for practicing presence.
2 days ago 3
Anapana- 1hour and 11 minutes Body scan-1 hour and 4 minutes The other day I accidentally marked 300 minutes instead of thirty minutes in my meditation journal. I decided to make up for the mistake. Today with my good friend and bro Bunleng we meditated together for two hours and 15 minutes. To ...
3 days ago 4
Sitting and letting come and. Thoughts, sensation, energy and all. Deep calm and an inner smile coming from that
3 days ago 2 4
Despite practicing zen I don't work with koans as many zen students do but instead focus on "shikantaza" or 'just sitting'. Today though was sitting with a koan or rather with a line of questioning that spun off from a koan. Tomorrow I'm assisting with in a ceremony which will include ...
3 days ago 3 4
Clearing space with smudge and using my tuning fork for vibrational attunement helped get me mentally set for today's sit. Also, adding in 3 gongs on a new singing bowl felt very nice. My meditation opened up with personal metta sayings today, as it almost always does. The sayings I use are: & ...
3 days ago 2