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A nice sitting this afternoon. A lot of transitions in my life to watch unfold.
about 4 hours ago 1 1
I think the Whirling Dervishes have to do with
 the Sufi spiritual path. Has to do with NOTHING regarding my meditation
 today, except that I saw a program this morning about the Sufi path, and saw
 the Whirling Dervishes in action. I like dance and movement as a
 technique to ...
1 day ago
Indeed quite tranquil. Almost no forgetting. Distraction stayed in awareness. No leg pain.. Siting on different cushions..
1 day ago 1
There was a creative thinker, in the past - Tesla - who believed that through understanding the principle of ENERGY - FREQUENCY - VIBRATION we can change the world. I believe this to be true. It is a sound hypothesis. Another way you could say it, is a cliche, but it somewhat fits "MIND OV ...
2 days ago
More tranquil today. But still lots of distractions. Breath was at least in my awareness for most of the session, but still forgetting happened a number of times. It does feel like I have slipped back to stage 3. Will need to reread the chapter. I don't think I have fully worked out checking it, ...
2 days ago
The Mandela pulsated, the middle part, the
 nucleus, slightly; I saw sunlight in the petals. Before that I saw a
 jackrabbit dashing across the desert, the ground where there are ridges of
 grass, some torn timber, cactus, plural, rocks which the hare dashed to for
 cover, hide ...
3 days ago
Turbulent session. Mind refused to settle. Couldn't get comfortable. Knees hurt dead leg. Kept shifting position.
3 days ago 2
Spiraling, the sweat is on my face, is that
 really GOOD for me, I don't know I feel like I'm taking a bath in ME, the
 mosaic design in the sidewalk, the colored chalk depictions, life as we know
 it, we HAVE to RESIST sunlight fill me, walking on a tightrope, on the path
 betwe ...
4 days ago
Mind was turbulent for the fist half. Much forgetting occurred. I did notice that there was an area of my mind, somewhere in the middle of my head where the most powerful distractions were coming from. I heavily identified with this part and thought that this was the real me. Then I realised tha ...
4 days ago 2
This Mandela I am contemplating unfolds like a
 flower, the nucleus being the base of the petals. I was looking at those
 petals and for the first time I saw sunlight emanating from behind the petals.
 This was new. I liked it. The rings around this sun became
 dancing, me do ...
5 days ago
Managed to keep breath in my awareness pretty much the whole time. Plenty of distractions arose and the breath would float to the very ages of my awareness, but I was able to let go of the distractions before the breath was completely gone. Dead leg happened. Had to stretch and shift positions ...
5 days ago 1 2
A flower blossoming, petals unfolding is like a
 fist unclenching, opening the palm of your hand extending your fingertips
 upwards skyward, shall we dance, make romance, the music of the buds, the
 cha-cha of the birds in the branches, hopping along the twigs, the branch sways
6 days ago
Important sitting today, connecting with breath and body. Noticing the impermanence of sticky mental content and emotions.
6 days ago 1 1
Getting back to basics. I've read the Mind Illuminated and realised that I am trying to leapfrog the processes. Back to stage 1; committing to a consistent practice. Starting with 5-10 minutes again CONSISTENTLY.
londoner added a diary.
7 days ago 2
A record is a recording. My thoughts are my records. There is a supposition that thoughts are electrical currents, that we are stitched together by pure Electrical impulse, the vibration low enough
 that we are flesh and bone, supposition being that the wall in front of us, in
 that ro ...
7 days ago
Morning sit - before going back to bed. The migraine I'd had yesterday had left dizziness in its wake
8 days ago