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Well, this was wasted time, I was really sleepy. Next five days will be quite busy and out of ordinary rhythm, so, practice can become irregular. Accepting thoughts, not fighting them, that could be a thought for today.
about 7 hours ago
Slowly working on developing a habit :)
about 8 hours ago
Quick sit before leaving the house. It felt like tuning the instrument before playing.
about 12 hours ago 1
I'm still dealing with a prolonged cold. Today I sat for 30 minutes in some weird space which was largely due to medication.
1 day ago
This time wend a bit harder, because I had great evening and was quite excited and happy. My mind again and again turned back to events few hours ago, reliving pleasant moments. That was kind of nice, because usually I'm brooding and depressed. This time there were no moments of timelessness (it ...
2 days ago 1
Yet another attempt at rebuilding the habit of meditation :) the hardest part is building the momentum. Once you get to 30+ days it is easier to keep going than to stop.I sure have the motivation because I have already experienced many of the great benefits of meditation. Anyway...not much to sa ...
2 days ago 2 2
This time I wasn't carried into dark trance so much. Either I'm getting used to focus my mind, or the day was such that I didn't need to hide so badly. Did some stuff that needed to be done, reflected on myself, my behavior and emotional reactions, so, maybe that relieved some tension in me.
3 days ago
This attempt went very well. I didn't get distracted at all, and I feel very relaxed
3 days ago
Today's sit went well. I came out of it feeling refreshed
3 days ago
Was sort-of focussed throughout but new really foccused
3 days ago
It was a little hard for me to get focused at first but towards the end I felt really relaxed.
3 days ago
Todays session was very calm and relaxing it was very focused
3 days ago
Today went well. I relaxed myself and didn't feel like dozing off this time. I just closed my eyes and let whatever thoughts came to mind run through my head. Still not exactly sure how I should be feeling, but some progress is being made I think.
3 days ago
I found it very hard to focus today. I am not sure why. It was difficult to keep my eyes closed.
3 days ago
today I felt like it was the first time I have really meditated and I felt like I learned a lot
3 days ago
I think that it helps slightly but over all there is far to little improment
3 days ago
I focused and felt relaxed but didn't think or feel much of anything but peace.
3 days ago
It was so relaxing. it was much needed on this long day
3 days ago