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Just trying to let the breath flow and relax more.
about 13 hours ago 2
I first noticed it when I was reading a document at work. A canyon of white light appeared on the sheet of paper, blurring part of the text and made reading difficult. It was accompanied with the kind of boiling quality to seeing that I have learned to associate with liveliness of the awakened p ...
Antero added a diary.
1 day ago 1
Short late sit after spending too long planning and packing retreat food.
2 days ago
Next weekend I'm heading off for a 2 week retreat. This sit felt like preparatory work somehow
5 days ago 1
Saturday morning zazenkai usually involves a lot of sitting - today half my time was instead spent with a group of beginners, helping with their questions. Very nice to have the chance to do this - but I did also miss the extra sitting time :)
6 days ago
10 minutes of samatha, really bewildered. 9 minutes of samatha with counting
9 days ago 1