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On the cushion, gazing is more stable with little need to blink, colors and forms slowly developing brighter. During the day, the unification of the senses continues to develop to something more translucent. 
 Closing my eyes when going to sleep, colors similar to sitting practice often sta ...
Antero added a diary.
about 1 hour ago 1
10 min walking meditation, 17 min sitting
about 6 hours ago 1
A very helpful sit. Interesting to see how fast things can come and go when given enough space. Even things that feel almost impossible, nearly heartbreaking at first. I think maybe it is feeling things so intensely, without reservation, that allows this to be the case. Certainly when I was only ...
about 6 hours ago 1
Allowing thoughts to subside, the emotions behind them to arise and melt away. In their place an unintended smile and the space to let the koan come back to the fore.
about 15 hours ago 2 1
Away visiting family. Morning sit before others awoke. Lots to sit with and doing so created a lot more space. I think it will help me get through the visit more constructively. It feels that way. The sitting time helped me see that although I am far more open and honest these days, there is a b ...
1 day ago 1
It bucketed down all night last night but stopped just before I got up. The air was wonderfully fresh and clean Still warm enoght to sit outside in comfort. I sat for a bit longer today. Still not able to go very long with out intruding thoughts. Toward the end I experienced a little anxio ...
2 days ago 1 2
Sitting with the remains of last night's stuff and allowing stuff to surface about a family weekend that lies ahead. Letting all the buried childlike reactions with their roots in childhood surface, be seen and let go of. I can then approach the weekend with less preset stories and assumptions i ...
2 days ago 2 1
Bedtime sitting after a yoga session earlier in the evening. As usual after yoga, sitting was very physical tonight. It is like the deep physical relaxation/ energisation of the yoga allows old blocks and patterns to surface and be felt and then cleared by sitting. I can't quite explain it but i ...
3 days ago
Sitting in half lotus left leg up is still uncomfortable for 30+ minutes sessions. After around 20 minutes, I was able to find the optimal spine position to fully relax core muscles.
4 days ago 1
Sitting with sangha. Focus, lightness and random outbursts of joyous giggling.
4 days ago 1
I understand something. It's really simple but a little harder to articulate. 
 I sit now.
 The thoughts that intrude are not. 
 They are memories from past. 
 The past does not exist, it is gone. 
 Same as thinking about what may happen.
 The future is neither a reality ...
4 days ago 1
Having a hard time staying in the present moment.
4 days ago 1 1
20 minutes focused on the breath. Gently holding thoughts and watching as they fade away. This helps me to see them as less substantial, less solid
4 days ago 1
Adjusting postures and release tension4-7-8 breathing repeated 5 timesCounting breath 1-10Using earphone and brown noise to block out ambient sounds.
5 days ago
Sitting earlier than usual before heading out for an evening with friends.
5 days ago 1
I am so new at meditation. I woke up this morning with a strong feeling of panic A technical issue somewhat out of my control, a new client hoping to see great results fast. It was very hard to sit. It made a difference though
5 days ago 1
A question that is popping up in sitting at the moment is around what I need to do. It seems to bring up things that I should do but that I would have shied away from in fear in the past, based on old patterns of holding back. Did yesterday's 'must do' and feel better for it. I'll see if I manag ...
5 days ago 2