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All about form. Our of my routine a bit and scattered. This, too, tells a tale of expectations. Take care.
1 day ago
I always imagined that "I" experience thoughts. Like a lens that selects and focuses on a selection of thoughts, among many available thoughts. But I realized that there is no lens, no camera that experiences thoughts. Thoughts ARE the experience. In every moment, thoughts are the expe ...
pajaboo added a diary.
1 day ago 1 1
And 50 minutes felt like no time at all this morning.
1 day ago
Sir Blankenship of Breatheton, at your service.
2 days ago 2
Hmm, it seems that not only do I need to be open in my own mind, I also need to be more open with others. There are a couple of things that it seems I need to tell some people, not big stuff but by not talking about stuff it becomes something I am holding back, and that is a bigger deal given th ...
2 days ago 3
Zazen plus kinhin. Pretty intense. More stories and artificial constructs and divisions to let go of. A sudden outburst of grinning and silent laughter for the last 5 minutes or so though. :)
3 days ago 1
I had to "make" time for my sit. So glad I do. Quiet, quiet calm to continue. Nice day ahead.
3 days ago 2
Gratitude for this practice which seems to work wonders in helping me face life's difficulties without getting anywhere near as entangled in stories about them. Various apparent contradictions came up and didn't need reconciling. A cycling commute yesterday through some of my old haunts turned i ...
3 days ago 1 2
Pose is becoming a concern. Not a bad thing, but I am learning through experience that little things matter. I feel great. No sugar, carbohydrates, but tons of broth and veggies. Really nice. Take care.
4 days ago
More of the same as last night. Something working it's way through.
4 days ago
No words or thinking really but a lot of energy and physical stuff going on
5 days ago
Terrible lack of motivation these days. I still go back to practice whenever I find the energy, though not as often as I'd like. Not giving up yet, though. It took long enough to find :)
5 days ago 1