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Today's sit seemed to go by quickly, but that was a good thing. I was quite focused, and though thoughts came, they also went easily. At the end, I couldn't tell if it was that I went very deeply, or just that I was so focused on coming back to the breath, but something about the session seeme ...
28 minutes ago
Things bubbled up fast and furious in this sit. Perfectly still physically so no distraction from the messier stuff and things that felt like realisations – although distractions would have been gratefully received at times. I think this is roughly how it went but there was too much for me t ...
about 1 hour ago
Got home intending to quickly grab some food and finish off the sit that began in the park but family stuff interrupted and it was a while before I could sit down. Kriyas etc restarted where I had cut them off to get home. Lots going on but nothing overwhelming, all a bit 'bitty'. Slowed down ...
about 10 hours ago 1 1
25 mins of zazen tho it became mostly a session about me thinking about my desires creating suffering not only in me but with someone I love. (We just had an argument.) Afterwards, texted him to apologize. Then I tried a 25min metta guided meditation but I found myself falling asleep so quit a ...
about 10 hours ago 1
Strong realisation that for weeks now, I have been trying to 'get somewhere' with my sits. Understood this more fully in this sit than previous ones. Just beneath my awareness the following suggestion has been yapping away: 'Just keep sitting at every opportunity, something profound will happen. ...
about 13 hours ago 4
25 minutes lying in the dark in a park. No break in work today, made the best of whizzing around the city on my bike between meetings to at least get some time away from conversation and to enjoy the relative peace. Last meeting finished just to late to make it to the zen centre so on the spur o ...
about 13 hours ago 2
The difference between Libra and Scorpio is the difference between Tolerance and Forgiveness. In Libra, you are balancing the personal interests between you and one other. In Scorpio, you're going deep, deep, deep... Happy Sun-Moon in Scorpio Eclipse Day.
Hosh added a diary.
about 13 hours ago 2 4
Daily practice. Sun in Scorpio 0° 6'. Moon in Libra 26° 36'. Sun-Moon in Scorpio (New Moon). Partial Solar Eclipse (N. America), at about 22:00 UTC. Preliminary stretching Kali bija mantra 1 x 108 Tara bija mantra 1 x 108 Maha Lakshmi mantra 1 x 108 Vipassana (corpse pose), 30 mins -- bathroo ...
about 18 hours ago 1 9
Difficult to maintain awareness of my breath with winds howling and whipping the trees violently. Even with my eyes closed, I was aware of the storm outside. Could I be like my cat, watching and curious? But she doesn't know that trees and limbs can fall and cause damage. I do. I must know and y ...
about 21 hours ago 3
Been about a month since my last journal. I have been on an epic adventure, walking three weeks and over 200 miles across Wales: I meditated every day, but it wasn't the same as being at home. I think mostly because I simply because I was living ...
about 22 hours ago 3 2
Take 15 on headspace. now on vacation, travelling and trying to do 10 minutes each day. though I feel that I don't have concentration, determination and peace of mind that I have at home
about 23 hours ago 3
Used a method I hadn't used since childhood, went under the bed covers, wizzed around then generated a conceived universe, acknowledged that I couldn't know if the orientation was correct. Infact extremely likely that it's wrong and no ability to know the correct orientation of the universe in r ...
about 24 hours ago 6 1
From last night’s sit and the release of envy/craving/sadness about relationship issues feels like a layer of attachment and preoccupation has lifted. May be temporary but it is good not to have any of that present as even a slight wave of disruption this morning. Had no clear intention f ...
1 day ago 2
It had just been my daughter and me at home this evening and she wanted to use the time of peace to watch a DVD with me. She chose a love story. By the end of it I was feeling pretty miserable – so much so that as I settled down to sit realised that I was hoping for an active sit rather than ...
1 day ago 1
Whoooo 30 mins. First 25 mins was an attempt at zazen. It's my 2nd time trying half-lotus. I'm still having a hard time finding a stable position with half lotus but I think I'm getting there. About 15 mins in my leg started to fall asleep so about 5 mins was me trying to find another position. ...
1 day ago 4 3
Busy day and no chance to for a lunch break until late afternoon. 10 minutes of quiet mindfulness away from the office chatter. Was just opening my eyes when a stranger asked if he could share the park bench. It seemed an unusual request given that all the other benches were empty but I’ll ...
1 day ago 5 2
Daily practice. Sun in Libra 29° 4'. Moon in Libra 13° 28'. Kali bija mantra, 1 x 108 Tara bija mantra, 1 x 108 Maha Lakshmi mantra, 1 x 108 Corpse pose, 15 mins MO, 45 mins Body work / hatha yoga Looks like Moon will be conjuncting Sun soon, so that means a New Moon. Likely, that will be a S ...
2 days ago 2 4
Met my Nigra Yoga Teacher at lunchtime. We are very similar in what we practice, how we practice it and our past experiences. Notes: Common stages in the meditation journey 1)Not being able to cope with the suffering brings most people to meditation after trying everything else. 2) There is ...
OpenMind added a diary.
2 days ago 3 2
As usual, my planning mind kept trying to stay busy. I turned my attention to sounds--wind in the leaves outside, jays and chickadees and finches. Brought it back home to stillness again and again.
2 days ago 1 2
Took Pratimoksha Vows Formally went for refuge Generated Bodhichitta. Made mental offerings to the Buddhas (including offering my practice) Developed regret for past actions. Rejoiced in the virtues of all. Developed wish for meditation and dharma teachings to continue to appear. Wish for other ...
2 days ago 4 4
The 30 minutes went by quick again, which is interesting. The sit didn't feel how I 'want' it to, mind moving about, worrying, strategising, sleepy, sleepy. I know I ought to just let be what is but it's hard not to want 30 minutes of calm and peace. I actually fell immediately into class ...
2 days ago 5 4
Energy calm this morning so got in an actual sit which felt pretty restorative. 20 minutes vipassana. Emotions felt like they had been on the back burner during the last few 'sits' so wanted to see what was there. Surprisingly calm and took a while to spot anything bobbing around within that c ...
2 days ago 3
Much better focus today! I am coming through the fog of the past week, and though my troubles at work are not necessarily remedied, I am returning back to focus and clarity. Self-compassion and awareness are carrying me through the current storm. Maintained focus for most of today's sit! V ...
2 days ago 2 1
Once again kriyas and asanas started the moment I sat down. Lots of crackling in head, some cracking in the neck and enough thrashing around to make my head feel really whoosy at times. Next was a repeat of the black tight squeezing around chakras from last night only this time in the three ...
2 days ago 1 2
Emptiness at work today went well when I wasn't at my desk. When at my desk and concentrating on tasks, typing , calculating, emailing etc I don't yet have awareness of emptiness. That'll be fun. Going to try it tomorrow :-) The snow melts in different places more easily than others...
OpenMind added a diary.
3 days ago 3 3
30 minutes + 15 minutes x 2. Felt sick today. Just going through the motions.
3 days ago 1
Daily practice. Sun in Libra 28° 9'. Moon in Libra 2° 11'. Preliminary stretching Kali bija mantra 1 x 108 Tara bija mantra 1 x 108 Maha Lakshmi mantra 1 x 108 Vipassana (~ 45 mins) -- spontaneous work MO, 45 mins Corpse pose, 20 mins Hatha yoga / body work / vision Early night. Late start. ...
3 days ago 2 3
Sat for 20 mins at 7 this morning and again at 2.40pm. It was difficult to stay with the breath, my mind seemed to be in a fog of distant thought. I am trying to be mindful in the day but this is difficult too. I want to find ways of reminding myself to be present with whatever I am doing. I am ...
3 days ago 2 1
Been kidding myself. I haven't been mindful at all for the last 4 weeks. Purchased some ashwagandha which seems to help with stress and energy levels. Bought some nutritious food too. Focussing on sleep pattern, twice daily meditation and the big thing - not sitting in front of a screen/sm ...
3 days ago 6 4
5 minutes zazen on a windswept park bench = instant calm, big smile and no more nerves about the lecture I have to give this afternoon
3 days ago 2