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A raw sit just before leaving to help set up the retreat centre. I'll be away until next weekend and off the internet for most of the time. I look forward to catching up on everyone's posts when I'm back home. Wishing you all happy and productive sitting. :)
about 2 hours ago 1
Another long but gentle evening sit, and another than had me waking up later in the middle of the night with an 'aha' feeling and a huge grin.
about 12 hours ago
A short sit at the zendo before we packed up, loaded all the mats, cushions and supplies onto a van to take and unload at our retreat location, not very far away. We'll all head there tomorrow to start the retreat. Despite it being a short sit it was surprisingly powerful. I found myself making ...
1 day ago 3
I can't see the ceiling, the red lanterns
 hanging from the rafters obscure my clear sight, but the red shimmers, the wind
 is coming through the open temple door, and this hall is narrow, I see the
 sunlight at the end of this hall, glimpses of the out of doors in-between the
 r ...
1 day ago
Vipassana morning and night: Meditation seems to be experiencing process not a tool to achieve something.
2 days ago 1 1
It seems to be at the moment that evening sits are about softening up and then the following morning the sit hits more powerfully. Today it was a memory of how I felt in the past to be really isolated, emotionally and/or in reality. Part of my work includes making it ieasier for people to find ...
2 days ago
Morning sit. Went by fast, was surprised that it was over so quickly.
2 days ago 2
When the light came on, she was startled by the
 shimmering red decorations, spangles mixed with gold, an array of stars falling
 from the milky way this is the stream of my subconscious, let's back stroke,
 looking up at the moon, hello lady, and the whispers of the trees in the win ...
3 days ago
jos ima zaostalog stresa dns moj privatni zivot treba sakrivati i ne mora svako znati sve o meni(facebook) kad sam "ugasen" to je vjerovatno mehanizam koji mozak ima protiv stresa
3 days ago
Sat for my 30th consecutive day. My new goal is to sit for 90 days straight. Practiced holding a light focus. Measured the "lightness" of my focus by the amount of time I spent caught up in distractions. Trying to get to the point where distractions are merely flashes of thought and my ...
3 days ago 2 1
Vipassana morning and night: Even though today I was hooked by thoughts very frequently, I was more open and forgivable, which helped go back to my bodily sensations with more ease.
3 days ago 2 1
Morning sit. Thoughts come and I let them go when I notice. Trying not to serve any of them tea. lol
3 days ago 3 2
Ever stand for a moment looking up at the
 leaves as they fall from the trees, this patio is wide, stones, old castle, and
 you can see the age in the stones, they have soak up so much moisture, looking
 through the archway, the door the leads OUT through the bridge, across the
4 days ago