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"Experiencing this awareness has more to do with subtraction than addition or multiplication. Rene Descartes was on its trail in his Meditations when he imagined all the complexities of the world to be an illusion. Take everything away with which we populate the story, and what is left? Jus ...
about 24 hours ago 1 1
Sat earlier for an hour, struggle with fear and ragged breath at moments. Taking time to adjust the breathing, slower and then more relaxed. Some knee pain, restlessness halfway through. Thoughts about marching with women in solidarity, distractions around health, aversion to illness. Wanting ...
MLA sat for 60 minutes
1 day ago 2 1
Entry for yesterday: sat and stayed with breathing, less anxiety. Dread still there but not intruding or overwhelming. Knot in belly though, sat and let in the warmth of the breath, dissolving the hard tense places.
MLA sat for 60 minutes
1 day ago 2
Sitting with sangha. Few thoughts, lots of energy. Today what that seemed to release was historic shyness and embarrassment like air oozing out of a punctured balloon. I am sure there is more but for today it felt just right and about time to let all that go..
1 day ago
20 minutes watching the thoughts come and go. I held them gently like bubbles filled with words or images and watched as they burst and faded away.
1 day ago 1 1
15 min walking meditation, 15 min sitting
1 day ago 2
Morning sit. Pretty intense while also being about nothing much. Nothing and everything maybe.
2 days ago 1
Sitting before bed, letting things rise and fall and just be.
3 days ago 2
Good moments of curiosity and finding center, but also a great deal of sluggishness and aversion. But, finishing up my hot shower with two minutes of cold water is providing insight into causes.
3 days ago 3 1
Sitting outside this morning, in a small public garden overlooking one of the city’s busiest streets as night turned into day and the city started to come alive with commuters. The sounds of the lorries, buses and cars, their headlights, the pedestrians scurrying to work joined the skyline (we h ...
3 days ago 3