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Not as difficult a sit as I had expected. Lots of energy arising and passing through but mentally quite still and calm despite difficult days.
11 minutes ago
A quick sit before a dreaded conversation. Enough to bring calm and space and enable me to have the conversation which was less awful than I had expected.
about 4 hours ago
Metta. Deep belly breathing is becoming more and more natural and I trigger relaxation response during Metta practices.
about 4 hours ago 2
Metta practice. Interesting, there is no more resistance towards it and I kinda enjoy it. I guess, everything comes in it's own time.
1 day ago 2 2
Today I'm doing my first 24-hour fast and this is turning to be a challenge for my yoga and meditation practice as well. It's been only 3 hours and my thoughts already revolve around food and cooking. On top of that I got agitated about my forthcoming trip, so I feel really scattered, unfocused ...
1 day ago 2 8
Raw sit like being stripped open. Only bizarrely it was against an occasional sound track in my head of Tom Jones's Delilah. Usually when I have songs appearing in my head during a sit I can see why - either it is a song that I have recently heard or the lyrics are in someway meaningful. I can't ...
1 day ago 2 1
Breathing can make a huge difference. Before I started meditating I was a mouth breather. Over time it changed but it always felt like I was controlling my breathing, because it didn't seem natural to me. Few days ago I have started practicing deep belly breathing while practicing Metta and I w ...
1 day ago
Just sat. Am tired from a busy week and things seem very bleak here. Lots in the news about a little girl who was murdered by her father, and also about one of our MP's who was murdered apparently by a far right terrorist. And (related) political campaigns which try to stoke hate and fear agains ...
2 days ago 2 3
Having finished the 3 hours mirror sitting, and with reflection on the experiences supposed to be part of it here is a summary.
 Other accounts I have read about this practice seem to concentrate on
 question of identity, appearance or ageing so I was expecting those to be what&#13 ...
Bluemoon added a diary.
2 days ago 1 1
All sorts of stuff - including letter the impact of the 3 hours of mirror sitting settle. That was a helpful temporary practice but it was good to get back to zazen.
3 days ago 1
The last of my sessions of mirror practice. Started cheerily then less so. It felt like a reminder that life's events have a lasting impact and that maybe the best we can do is accept what they have taught us, be aware of where they tempt us in to living in a constricted or cut off way. Then sud ...
3 days ago 2
Mindful Tea while enjoying the nature. It is just beautiful. Perfect for getting practice off the cushion and gradually expanding it to more aspect of mine life. It is just what I need. If I were mindful, I wouldn't have any problems with panic in the first place.
3 days ago 2
Off the cushion practice, enjoying a cup of green tea outdoors. Connecting to the nature and expanding mine capacity to be mindful off the cushion. This practice is really helpful and it is much better to focus my intention on being here and now instead of planing what do to next like I usually ...
4 days ago 2